What are the most frivolous lawsuits that people have gotten the most money for?

Like when that lady got millions for spilling coffee on herself at Mcdonalds for example.


Wow, I didn't know that. So they knew they were in the wrong but kept on doing it, that is messed up!

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    Do you know what third degree burns are? Did you know that that woman got third degree burns on her thighs, buttocks, and groin, and she had to have extensive skin grafts? She spent 8 days in the hospital. These days, hospitals will release patients as quickly as possible. She initially asked McDonald's to just pay for her medical bills, and the company refused. McDonald's didn't just serve HOT coffee, it served SCALDING coffee, and this was deliberate. The company had been told that their coffee temperature was too hot for safety. Oh, and the old woman wasn't driving. In fact, the car was at a complete stop when she pulled the lid off to put cream and sugar into her coffee, which is a normal activity for coffee drinkers.

    "During discovery, McDonalds produced documents showing more than 700 claims by people burned by its coffee between 1982 and 1992. Some claims involved third-degree burns substantially similar to Liebecks. This history documented McDonalds' knowledge about the extent and nature of this hazard. "

    McDonald's knew that their coffee posed a significant danger to consumers, and continued to serve their coffee at excessively high temperatures. When asked to pay the old woman's medical bills, they refused to do so. A third degree burn is the most severe kind of burn, one that goes through the first and second layers of skin into the muscle underneath. This was not a frivolous lawsuit at all.

    Edit: Yeah, most people think that it was just first degree burns, and the woman was looking for a gold mine. They don't realize just how badly she was injured (don't know about you, but I really don't want skin grafts in my especially delicate bits), and they don't realize that McDonald's knew that their coffee was way too hot, and that McD's refused to pay her medical bills at first.

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    A woman won a lawsuit against a doctor. She said the doctor didn't warn her loosing her psychic powers was a possible side effect of surgery. Not sure how much money she initially won but I know a judge reduce it to $1. I know one dollar isn't the most but this is definitely the most frivolous lawsuit.

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    people that sue a company because they say they didn't know something that any logical reasonable person with an IQ enough to speak would know. "i didn't know that if i ate peanuts and I already was told i was allergic that i would probably end up in the hospital again..."

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    One lady got millions because she tried drying her poodle in the microwave.

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