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Alice in Wonderland hairstyle?

What can I do to achieve curls/waves similar to those Alice has in Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'? I have tried different ways, rollers, irons and so on, but I can't get it right. Any ideas? :)

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    Here is a site where they interview the people that styled the hair in the movie:

    They said:

    "Q; What was the most challenging part of your job?

    A: Mia’s hair. It was perfectly straight so to achieve the look that Tim wanted, which was blonde textured waves, I had to tong it between every shot and have several sessions of coloring to lighten it."

    (there's a lot to read)

    This is good too:

    This video might also help:

    Youtube thumbnail

    You could try keeping in rollers over night or braiding it to make it more wavy looking.

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    put mousse in it when damp and put it in loose plates. dry it with a hair dryer and then take the plates out. it will be wavy :) xx

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