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My son and his girlfriend are expecting a baby, Advice?

Here's a little back ground: My son (he is 19) told me this morning that him and his girlfriend (she is 18) are expecting a baby and are due October 30. He still lives at home, has only a part time job at subway and is a full time college student. She still lives at home, does not work and is a full time college student.

He asked she could move in as her parents are kicking her out and want nothing to do with the baby. Im torn, I don't want to see her out on the streets or in trouble, but I also do not have room in my house for her and the baby. I also do not have the fiances to support her as my son only works part time. What should I do in this situation?? I'm trying to be there in whatever way I can and support them, but I just don't have the room for her and the baby in my house.

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    Take her in and have her apply for both WIC AND foodstamps -

    Write her a letter stating that she does in fact live with you but that she has to store and prepare her own food - she WILL be eligible with this letter

    This way your not responsible for feeding her

    Maybe your son can take the couch for a while and she can have his room?

    I would also encourage her to find some sort of part-time job - let it be known that this is a requirement for her while she's living with you - just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she can't work somewhere

    I waited tables with my first - and stayed there all the way up to labor day

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    It will be cramped but I honestly think you need to help her and your son get on their feet.

    Help her apply for WIC and medicaid, since she is already quite a few months along she may be able to find a part time job, or may not since they may not want to hire her because she is pregnant. At least guide her to help her try.

    I think it is awful that her family is kicking her out, puts alot of pressure on you and stress on your son and his girlfriend.

    Make it clear that you can help them with a roof over their heads but it isn't a permanent solution. Also with her applying for medicaid and WIC she would be able to get her own food for her nutrition and for the baby once born.

    Your son should try to get more hours at his job as a condition to you accepting this new living situation.

    I hope it all works out, there are several resources for single people that are pregnant, I am not sure what state you are in but look for what is available in your area. One of my friend's 19 yr old daughter was pregnant last year, there was a Christian Pregnancy Center in my state that helped her cloth, feed and diapers for her baby for the 1st year, they helped her find a job and housing. They have their own place now and everything worked out just great. My friend was not supplying everything for her, so don't worry that everything will be on your shoulders, it won't.

    I hope everything works out for the best for you, your son, his girlfriend and your grand baby on the way...praying for you all

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    I think two things.

    1. Your son will have to man up and start working full time. He can still go to school part time, or he will have to drop out if he can't handle it.

    2. She can get a part time job and will have to quit school to raise her child.

    This isn't ideal, but we often find ourselves in situations that aren't.

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