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Did anyone go to the premiere of Twilight Eclipse? what was the Girl/Boy Ratio in the audience?

was it for every 1 boy there was 10 girls? and that one boy was probably gay?

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    No. I didn't go but what they have been showing on the news. There will be more girls. ♣

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    There was actually a surprising amount of males in my theatre! Things were getting rowdy, most of the guys I imagine were dragged along. One group had a gorilla costume, and another an alien costume; they were actually pretty funny. Another set of guys ran around screaming "Team Jacob!" in their under-ware. And another actually paid money to make "Team Kolton" shirts, with one of the guys heads, whose last name I assume was Kolten, photo shopped on Jacob's body.

    But the theatre was awesome and got us a "game bus" to keep everyone entertained while we waited : D

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