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What do YOU consider to be romantic?

I don't care about what the social stereotypes are. I want to know what you personally find romantic. Please state your gender, if it's not obvious. I'm curious to see how men and women differ, if at all.


Alas, The Man doesn't read the question. Instead he goes on a woman-bashing rant as usual. I didn't ask what he thought of what women stereotypically consider romantic. I asked what he considered romantic. If he doesn't consider anything to be romantic, he should have said "Nothing." and left it at that.

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    Okay, what I think of as romantic when it comes to making a woman happy is efforts that display thoughtfulness, attention to detail, making things personalized and special showing that you have listened and taken note of her interests and preferences, and creating an overall atmosphere or mood. But the tricky thing is also to be spontaneous because mechanical and formulaic and routine are not romantic, even if the routine seems romantic. So you have to find a balance. But that's almost impossible: planned spontaneity is an oxymoron. So a lot of times, I will think up different romantic things, making a long list, then set it aside and when a circumstance arrives when it's appropriate, I have it all planned out but for her it feels spur of the moment.

    Art, nature, mood, lighting, ambience, the exotic like foods from faraway lands, passion, sentiment, sensuality... all of these things are elements of being romantic.

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    5 years ago

    Any out-of-the-ordinary way of creatively expressing your love is romantic. I suppose the usual methods (candlelight dinners, walks on the beach) are somewhat romantic, but they're never really mind-blowing. A good romantic gesture involves the element of surprise, like the time I filled a girlfriend's bedroom up with helium balloons, and left the new book by her favorite author on her pillow. My accomplice and I then went to have lunch where she worked, acting like nothing unusual was happening, and like I'd completely forgotten our anniversary. But men aren't big on romance. We have to think of what our partners would find romantic, not what we would.

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    4 years ago

    What Do You Find Romantic

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    1 decade ago

    Being on the Vermont Long Trail at the Glen Allen Lodge, having the mountain all to yourself on a beautiful summer night and playing on the mountain naked for hours and screwing under a million stars.

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    Kissing, holding hands, cuddling. Spending time with a man I'm interested in just bumming around and talking. Listening to me, remembering what I say. Little surprises--bouquet of flowers, a pair of earrings bought for me because "they looked like me." A sincere compliment now and then.

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    When he does something that indicates he was thinking of me when we weren't together. Can be the smallest thing (like, here I found this cool thing and I thought you'd like it) or something more demonstrative or over the top. Personally I prefer the smaller gestures, they are somehow more intimate. Intense conversation, touching that is intimate but not necessarily sexual, the way he might look at me, the way his voice sounds when he says my name -- those are the things that do it for me.

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    In my relationship, the most romantic things we do are the simplest things. We like going for long walks (especially to the farmer's market) and cooking together. We call those things "domestic," which is code for "things we'll do when and after we move in together." I always like that.

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    Basically, when my husband does something he wouldn't normally do simply because he knows I will really appreciate and love that he did it...and he surprises me with it....those such things are romantic to me.

    For example, when he cleans the house to surprise me while I am away.

    When he calls at at work just to say, "Hi beautiful, I wish you were here."

    When he surprises me with a little gift he picked up for me for no reason.

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  • Conan thinks doing face to face position is very romantic. That way I can see how scared she is. It make me feel like power is respected.

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    Absolutely ANYTHING that's done with the intent of being appreciative can be romantic.

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