Biggest Questionn Everr!!! (guys&girls please!!:))))))?

alright so i started dating this guy in february 2010.we broke up in May. but then like 3 weeks later he moved to Colorado, and told me he still loved me. so then we talked a little (only about a week) and he said we were basically dating again. i said alright..whatever.i just went with the flow. so when ppl asked me if i was single i said no and that i was pretty much dating someone. so then, this girl texted me off his phone (when he was still in colorado) and said that she was going to " lose her "v" card to him" and all this other crap. so i got really depressed and i told her it was up to him on what they did.and he called me and told me she did a whole bunch of stuff to him while he was sleeping and he woke up and she told him she "felt him up".and that she got his house address from his friend jason and that he hated herr and that he told her to get the **** away from him and his house and crap.but still, that made me mad beyond belief. so i just left him alone for a few days.then i started to wonder and question myself about stuff.. so i talked to him again and he told me he would never lose his virginity to another girl because he was saving it for when he came back for me and stuff.and i told him i didnt believe him and he called me and i ignored the call and he left the sweetest voice-mail that said he would love me forever and even after he died (thts impossible...lmfao!!) and i know im too young for lovee but me and himm just click everytime we are together..and i really miss him.but its been about a week and i havnt talked to him.. so im wondering if i should just, forget him&move on....or call him and tell him that ill wait for himm too?? what do i do!!!??!! and if ur guna be mean..just dont even leave me an answer.because i just need advice, not critisism. (:

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  • Chip
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    1 decade ago
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    Not being mean here, but I think you should lay off.

    I'm not saying he was lying but regardless this is a rough situation. Better if you just both consider yourself single until yall can see each other again. If he really wants to wait for you he will.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you should move on, because unless she drugged him, there is know way he could sleep through somthing like that. And what was she doing in his house anyway?So I think you should just leave him alone. Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She just maybe one of the psycho, possessive bitches from hell that drive people nuts. i didnt believe him and he called me and i ignored the call. Now are you right or wrong. At least hear him out.

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