Why do the managers of FIFA penalize any show of belief in God?

Blessed be the Most Holy Name of God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

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    They have been trying their best to keep football in a Bubble, they have tried to keep politics out of the FIFA, with making sure that governing body of football are separate from the government of the various countries, (that said i don't know what they are going to do to Nigeria now that their government has banned Nigeria from competing internationally for 2 years... that is sort of what they do when interference happens, extend the ban to 4 years maybe?) All political messages as well as religious messages are banned for the same reason, FIFA doesn't want to be affiliated with one message or the other if it be god, or an Aryan race, or a pro/anti Iraq war, or whatever that tears countries apart and gets them to invade other countries over.

    FIFA wants to stay away from it all so they ban it. Throughout history the number one reason to go to war has been because it was god's will or god was on our side and we were doing his work, so they have found it better to try and stay away from it all together.

  • They don't want to make the islamics mad so they have forbidden any show of belief.

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    they are dumb

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