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Question about Class A baseball?

I live close to a Class A short season baseball team and have gone to a couple games so far. I'm just curious how often players are able to move up from this kind of league to the majors. Are there any notable players in the majors now that played in Class A short season? Is it mainly for rookies? I looked up some of the players and there were guys that were drafted from rounds 14 all the way to 49 on the team.

I'm curious whether or not I should really try to learn the players names. It's only a few bucks for a ticket so I go with friends once in a while and have a good time. I love baseball but I really don't know much about how the farm system works, especially Class A short season.

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    Well I just looked up the Yankees' short A team, the Staten Island Yankees and found some players.

    -Francisco Cervelli

    -Robinson Cano

    -Melky Cabrera

    -Brett Gardner

    If you look up whatever team you're talking about on wikipedia it will show you a list of some notable players to come from the team.

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    Quite a few players who end up in the major leagues start out there. You have to remember that each major league team has several minor league teams that develop their players along the way, so the percentage of players who make it through to the show is very small. The goal of minor league teams is to develop talent, not necessarily win games, so don't be surprised by some unusual coaching moves from time to time.

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