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How is Portia connected to Shylock?

How are the two related or connected in the Merchant of Venice?

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    Portia is the object of Bassanio's fancy, and he is only able to travel to her estate and try for her hand in marriage by having his friend Antonio, the merchant the play is named for, borrow money from Shylock.

    The major climax of the play comes in the courtroom scene, when Shylock orders that Antonio follows the terms of the contract, namely that of allowing Shylock to cut off a pound of flesh from Antonio as reparations for being unable to pay back the money.

    It happens that Portia, out of love for Bassanio and sympathy for Antonio, cross-dresses as a lawyer in order to win the case for Antonio, therefore throwing herself directly in Shylock's way and eventually suceeding in causing the final blow to Shylock's way of life (including forcing him to relinquish his religion and all claim to his property).

    Source(s): Performing the play last season. Role: Jessica
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    Portia And Shylock

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    Portia disguises herself as a young male clerk, and gets Antonio out of his arrangement with Shylock. Shylock said that if Antonio didn't pay Shylock, Shylock would get a pound of Antonio's flesh. Portia and her servant, Nerissa, act as lawyers, and free Antonio.

    Source(s): I read the book.
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