After 30 weeks, what should I refrain from doing?

I am having twins, I haven't asked Doc yet because I'm only 20 weeks and it's not top priority yet so I usually forget when I go to appts - BUT - I know a lot people try a lot of things like excersizes and swimming and sex, etc to induce labor around their due date or 37 week mark. Given that twins carry a higher risk of coming early (many from 32 weeks and beyond), is there anything I should avoid doing that might induce labor because I really want to be as cautious as possible after that point and I want my babes to make it to 37 weeks! This is my first pregnancy so I have no idea about labor/delivery/etc so please no stupid comments. Thanks ~

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    If your body is used to exercising and swimming there is no reason to stop doing it because chances are, it won't send you into labor.

    Sex can help start labor but should be fine to continue unless your doctor advises you to stop.

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    i don't think anything will induce labour as they come when they are ready. Having said that, avoid rasberry leaf tea until 32 weeks, not that it induces labour as initially thought but does help contract uterus afterwards,,, it can cause complications if used before 32 weeks x

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