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Will lifting weights/bench pressing help me gain weight?

16 years old


120 pounds

I wanna weigh about 130-140

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    No. Eating more calories per day than you can use up makes you gain weight.

    Whether you gain it as fat or muscle is dependant on working out.

    Bench press is a great compound lift. Squats, rows, and presses too. They will all make sure that when you are eating enough, the weight goes on as muscle.

    Don't eat - don't grow. Eat and don't train - get fat. Eat and train hard - get muscular. Simple.

    Source(s): Body builder Personal trainer (You are less than half my weight and I'm at 7% body fat)
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    If you are not feeling it on your days off then you are not growing . you need to switch up your routine and keep in mind you are not suppose to be going 110% every time. do your max lift once a month. you need time to heal and recover. not just muscles but joints and ligaments. how much are you benching right now 10 times I can calculate your estimated 1 rep max. If you are not sore than increase the weight. but also keep in mind bench press alone is not the way to go and can cuse you harm. you can grow deformed in a sense. you need other angles and machines. you need to do flys. upper and lower chest also. be smart and train wisely.

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    you need to use creatine before lifting and protein after and you will maximize your muscle and weight gain. Both can be found online for very cheap or wal-mart also carries them for extremely cheap as well. The protein takes awful but the one i use (wheyprotein) works very good.

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    yes. Any types of weighs will help you gain weight.

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