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Citizenship for the USA - Marriage visas and Dual citizenship?

Hello, basically, I was wondering if anyone could tell me a few things:

My girl friend is American, and I am British. I am looking to move over there when I am 21.

Would we have to get married to do this? If so, would we have to get married in the USA?

From applying for a marriage visa, how long does it take to get processed on average?

For anyone that has done this, since the date of applying, when did you go and live there (after what length of time)?

If this can be done with out getting married, can you get a different type of visa? and how long does that take etc.

Extra information would be appreciated.

Also, would I be a dual citizen of both, as I would never lose my British citizenship.

How does Dual citizenship work, would I have a British and US passport, and which one would I use.

Also, if I have a British driving license, do I need to retake my test.

Can I get an American license WITHOUT a British license, just as a tourist, as I do spend an awful lot of time there.

I am currently 17, so would I be able to do the above when I am 21, even though the age in Virginia is 16.

Thanks in advance.

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    A fiance visa would be faster.

    The processing is different based on the individual.She has to be able to support you financially.

    No you cannot just live together in the USA, either marriage or fiance visa which you would have to be married after 90 days or leave the USA.

    Yes you could have dual citizenship after the correct waiting time.

    When you enter or leave the USA and the UK you must use the appropriate passport.

    You had better not spend too much time in the USA as a tourist.

    No you cannot get a license in the USA as a tourist.

    All the states you would both have to be 21 if you were sponsored but you could get married but not stay in the USA. too young.

    No other visa unless you were highly qualified in some specialty field, jobs are hard to come by nowadays.

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    You can marry your American girlfriend in the United States. After that your spouse will file papers for you with the USCIS for you to get your legal permanent resident status (green card). There is a lot of paper work to be done and fees to be paid to the US Department of Homeland Security. It takes about 3 (three) months to get your green card. You and your spouse will have to appear for an interview at the nearest USCIS office. They will want to prove that the marriage is genuine and not a fraud. The green card allows you to work and live in the United States. You can keep your British citizenship. You can apply to be a naturalized US citizen after holding the green card for 5 (five) years.

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    BOTH of you have to be aged 21 for you to immigrate to the UK

    and both of you have to be 18 for her to immigrate to the USA

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    after being married so many years? yes you will obtain UK citizenship;you will have to live in the UK ;

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