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what do body lotions actually do :') ?

i have tons of body lotions and i would love to know what they do !

also what can i do to :

1.get rid of blackheads

2.make my skin soft and smooth ? :]

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    Body lotions moisturize your skin, which will make it soft and smooth. To get rid of black heads you need a face wash/scrub. I would recommend trying the St.Ive's face washes, there is a variety of them but my all time favorite is the St.Ive's Invigorating apricot scrub. They're really inexpensive too.

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    Well body lotions are basically for making your skin soft and smooth so if yours haven't worked then I advise you to get a different body lotion.If you have blackheads just go to boots or something like that and buy some cream.

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    All I can say is, if you've tried other products that haven't seriously should try Dermal Therapy. I use their Heel Cream for dry cracked heels after wearing flip flops, and I swear by it. They have a few skin products, so check them out on Facebook. You'll thank me!

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