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Question about Contacts?

I just got contacts a week ago. My doctor told me i could sleep in them...so i slept in them last night. I woke up today and it was ok for about an hour or so. Then it started feeling like dirt or something was in my eye. So I used some eye drops that are for contacts and put them in my eye and that did not help. My left contact felt so dry i couldn't even get the thing out(My eye did not feel dry just went I went to touch the contact it self). I took my right one out and I noticed a rip on it.

How could this rip have happened and why was my left (the contact itself) so dry that i couldn't get it out?

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    Despite the fact that you MAY be able to sleep in your contacts, you SHOULD never do this. Contact lenses limit the amount of oxygen your eye gets. You may also scratch your cornea if you where to scratch your eyes while asleep or form some sort of rip like the one that occurred.

    Your contact lenses became dry form the lack of lubrication that usually occurs when you are not constantly blinking (as when awake). When contact lenses dry up, their texture changes dramatically and they become much less pliable. Any rough movement (eye scratching or pulling them out of your eye) might easily rip a dried out contact lens. An entirely dried up contact lens will break with just the slightest folding pressure of two fingers.

    If you do decide to sleep in them (or do so occasionally) I recommend not sleeping for more than 8 hours, using eye drops immediately after waking up and, if possible, removing your lenses for at least 5 minutes and placing them in a strong cleaning solution like SoloCare Aqua. if you follow the instructions your contacts will be ready to wear again in 5 minutes and your eyes will feel refreshed. Also, cleaning solutions like SoloCare help contacts stay moist and permeable and your eyes free of bacteria, so you should never use cheap cleaning solutions, particularly if you plan to wear your contacts all through the night.

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    Contacts are designed to absorb water. And the water in your eyes(during your sleep) was not enough to moisten it, the quality of your contacts was compromised and was easily ripped.

    Also, the important thing that you should note is that contact lenses can deprived your eyes with oxygen. Doctors only recommend you to wear them for less than 10 hrs a day. So if you sleep with your contacts, the more you deprived your eyes with the proper oxygen nourishment. If you continue on this habit there is a likehood that you could have corneal abrasions or corneal swelling.

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    although you CAN sleep with them in you really SHOULDN'T. at night is when you want to put them in contact cleaner to keep them clean and moist. If they get too try they will rip and if you leave contacts in too long they will dry out. So when you're doctor says you can sleep with them, that doesn't mean that after a day and a night with them in you should continue to wear them. If you forget to take them out and sleep they'll be ok as long as you take them out when you get up, but really you should put them in solution while you sleep. They will last much longer and be more comfortable.

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    i wear them too but was told not to sleep with them in tho.

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