Why is my laptop charger not working?

Yesterday, I looked down at the battery symbol on my computer, and saw that it "wasn't plugged in". Everything seemed fine, except the blue light was off, so I just moved the plug into a different position on my extension. Mind you, there had been no power outage or electrical storm close to this.

So, today, it does the same thing. I unplug everything from the extension, and move its position, again. Did nothing. I checked the connection to the ac adaptor.. and the blue light was still off. I moved it all over my room, using several different adapters (the plugs in my house are not grounded), and the light will not turn on.

I NEED this computer, and it will not charge. Please help me. I don't have the money to buy a new charger, and I hate borrowing money..


My laptop is not even a year old yet.

It does not turn on without the battery, while the charger is plugged in.

No chewing marks; the charger is spotless; looks brand new.

Pushing does not help at all, and I just tried a grounded plug and it does not work.

I've heard bad things about Dell, which is what I'm using (Inspiron 1450?).

My question has kinda changed. Does anyone know where I can get a cheap new charger for my computer?

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  • nikkai
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    1 decade ago
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    With the laptop off remove the battery then fit the power cord and try to turn on the laptop (with the battery OUT) if the laptop comes on boot it fully to the OS then shut it down and with the power supply still on fit the battery.

    If the battery present LED comes on then it may have just been a glitch.

    IF the laptop does not come on without the battery then the PSU needs to be checked it may be that the cord to the laptop has a broken wire and is easily fixed or it could be more serious

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am very sorry to tell you, but it's broken. Try pushing the charger when using the laptop or putting it beside a wall. That will not work forever.. you will need to buy a new charger and adaptor.

    EDIT: The reason I answered this question was because I had the same problem.. Im not that nice.

    My charger broke 3 months after I bought it. The companies make cheap ones so you buy more things.

    EDIT 2: Chargers are also built so that you have to buy a new adaptor aswell as a charger. The cheapest you can get is a small electronic store like the source for $170 plus tax

  • 1 decade ago

    sometimes the chargers do just give out, and if you computer is pretty old it could have to do with the outlet that connects the charger to the computer. Most chargers you can get for 50 dollars and it is much cheaper than getting a whole new computer. To make sure that its not your house just use something that you know works for example cell phone charger and make sure that it works in the outlets. If the cell charger works then plug the computer charger in make sure that all parts of the charger are plugged in correctly and if it still wont work then you might need a new charger. also check the wire to make sure that no dogs or other animals have chewed on it. hope this helps a little!

  • holtsr
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    4 years ago

    a million. examine to confirm if there is capability on your outlet by making use of making use of the two a multimeter or plugging in different digital home equipment 2. If capability outlet works and pc nevertheless won't get capability, attempt making use of yet another AC adapter if availible to confirm if the different will artwork. If different AC adapter works AC adapter needs to get replaced. 3. If different AC adapter would not charge the two, then eliminate all perphrial units which includes joystick printer or something no longer mandatory to working your pc. 4. If capability won't artwork after eliminating all periphrial units then you definately might desire to interchange the capability grant on your pc. If any of the stairs bring about wanting an element to get replaced there is no way out of that. If there exchange right into a miles less complicated answer i might inform you. the two that or battery is probably no longer working.

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