Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Fourth edition (WAIS-IV)?

1. What is/are the available form/s of the WAIS-IV?

2. What is the current cost to take the test?

3. What are the types of items used by the test?

4. What are the types of responses required?

Answer/s pertaining to any of these questions will be helpful. Thanks.

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    1 - WAIS IV has visual parts including symbols and images and written parts. It also consists of oral (spoken) parts. Most psychomtericians who try to get accurate results also use separate objects that are part of WAIS IV such as blocks that could be used to build a certain form. However WAIS is adapted by each psychomterician and it's standardized to fit the environment so the test could vary but the visual and written parts are mostly permanent.

    2 - The Cost of WAIS IV, the test itself, is 150$ and could only be handed to someone who has a master's degree a related field of psychology. The cost of taking the test varies from one psychologist to another and from one country to another but it should be less than 150$ for certain.

    3 - As mentioned before the test is standardized and thus it's not identical with all psychologists however some utilize building blocks, videos, recordings, and/or other items such as images.

    4 - WAIS IV contains sections and each section requires a different form of answers. It's certainly NOT like the MMPI who's answers are close-ended. For instance a geometrical section would require you to identify a shape that fits the pattern, a color section would require you to color the last spot with the appropriate color. A comprehension section would require you to write a full sentence, etc. Oral parts of the tests are required to be answered in direct spoken sentences, mostly.

    Source(s): Majoring in Industrial Psychology and even though i haven't taken a course on Psychometrics yet, i have taken a chapter on WAIS.
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