acne? big problem please help!?

okay i started using this little brush my friend found but never used. its not soft tho(btw makeup brush) so i used it for awhile till i saw i brokeout bad on my forehead. Its a bunch of little read bumps...? and i really want to make it go away. this is the worst breakout i've ever had. any tips on what do or how to get rid of it?

thanks :)

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    Stop using make-up, make-up clogs your pores and creates pimples. Reveal your Natural beauty.

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    Well 1) stop using dat makeup brush cuz thats prob. the reason u have the red bumps. 2) if u do want tu use a brush nvr use someone elses especially if it was `found`. 3) i suqqest u drink a lot of water and if u have bangs;keepp it out of ur face. also u can use varius creams to remove it. i also heard it good to put ur face in nice steamed water to clense ur face. hopee that helps (:

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    ok i had kind of the same problem i had a make up brush with make up that wasnt right for me and i think you should get a mask. proactive is the best way to go it cleared all of my pimples but if you cant to get to proactive bc you have to order ive yoused a mask from mary kay that ws good and if you need makeup to cover it clinuque is reallly good. and they have face washes from there you can use but make sure to get makeup that fits your face and wont clog your pores there will be someone there to pick the right coverup for you.

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    well for me the way i usually get acne to go away, i use toothpaste, and facewash when i brush my teeth or in the shower. Yes toothpaste seems weird, but hey it works. just like a little dab of mint toothpaste over a pimple, leave on for as long as you want (i do it for atleast 10mins) and then wash it off.


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    Eat a good diet, exercise, get enough sleep, do not stress, and keep your face clean, meaning no make up and washing it 2 times a day.

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    Try proactive or something i'm sorry i can't really help you i've never had acne :/ Never use someting that you found it could have something bad on it.

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