what happens if i have a UTI?

how are UTI's diagnosed?

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    if this is your first one please get it confirmed by your Dr. and do it fast. They can cause a kidney infection if not treated << that is not anything you want. Well, the UTI isn't welcomed either. A burning feeling of having to Peeee and a drop here or there sometimes. Doesn't matter how long you sit on the toilet you will still have that awful urge feeling. This is what I went through for many years until I worked with a Urologist and my own liquid intake. water is huge, you must drink water. No caffeine << caffeine dries you out and adds to the problem. Also some of the energy drinks , diet products have a herb called KOLA NUT <<< that is Pure caffeine and will trigger it. Laundry soap , perfumes, oils anything that is NOT water soluble will add to it and make it worse. SEX can also. You must peee right after always. Cotton panties with a cotton ( KOTEX) makes the cotton panty liner use them all day long from now on. it allows you to breath down under and keeps you fresh also it keeps all laundry soaps away. No tight clothing/including panty hose. Drink a huge water before bed. Cranberry juice bought in the grocery is NOT juice it is all sugar. Real cranberry juice is sour .Health foods have cranberry tablets ( they are great). you will be given a antibiotic probably and if your in pain then ask for the pyrimidine ( it allows the urg to go away. It does no healing or ridding of the infection so do not stop the antibiotic. in the future you may feel the infection come on before it comes full force so you can drink tons of water to wash it away, but this time you need to find out. 411 the pyrimidine can make your urination bright orange ( i loved when it happened because I knew the PAIN would be gone for that time) just take care of it before it gets out of hand.. ohh.. another thing often you will get a yeast infection from the antibiotic ask your dr about monist at << I know sounds like a war down there, it is not so bad once you understand it.

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    If you are not sure that you have one you can try to "wash it away" by drinking a bunch of water and possibly taking some cranberry pills. The way a doctor can tell if you have a UTI is by checking your urine sample. If you have one they can give you antibiotics to get rid of it. If you are urinating often and not much is coming out, if it hurts to pee or if you have blood in your urine you may just have an infection and should see your doctor but if your symptoms are mild you might just be able to take care of it on your own. But if it does get worse don't leave it untreated as it can turn into a kidney infection which can be severe.

    Also, there are over the counter test strips to tell you if you have a UTI. They are about $10 or so and easy to use.

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    The usual signs of a uti are:

    urine burning

    sometimes it is hard to urinate


    pain over the bladder area, which is across the bottom of the abdomen

    urinating blood-this happens when it is really serious, especially if you have had the symptoms for several days.

    abdominal cramps, nausea, and vomiting are usually present, but not always.

    If a uti is suspected, the hospital will take blood and urine samples.

    If you have these symptoms, especially urinating blood, go to the emergency ward if you don't have, or can't afford a doctor. This could be serious.

    There are several over the counter meds that can help with bladder pain, and painful urination, but they will not rid you of the infection.

    Please for your own sake, do not wait, do not put this off. This usually is very serious, yet it can be

    cured with a good antibiotic.

    good luck, God bless,

    carol ann

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    The doctor checks a sample of your urine to see if there is bacteria in it. It you do have a UTI, you will need to take antibiotics prescribed by a doctor to cure it. There are no home remedies. Left untreated, the infection can spread and cause kidney damage and other serious problems. If you think you have a UTI, see a doctor.

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