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I hate my small breasts and men? help!?

So my last boyfriend told me I was beautiful and everything, but he said that my breasts could be a little bigger and that I would be hotter if they were. This has causes enormous insecurity and I never feel good wearing shirts because they look weird because there is nothing to fill out the top. I'm a 34A and will be 18 next month. I'm 5'2 and about 105 pounds. I feel so insecure with my new boyfriend because he never touches or compliments them so I feel like he doesn't like them because they are small. It has gotten to the point that if I see a girl with big breasts (especially if she is thin) that I get angry and jealous and automatically hate her. I also want to smack my guy friends hard when they mention big breasts or any breasts and liking them because I feel like I don't have any breasts. What do you guys think? Can small breasts still be attractive or is it a no-go?

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    Rachel, in all honesty...most men will always look at a woman with large protruding breast, it's instinct..seriously. Take away our humanity and leave the animal man, it's about reproducing the species. It also has to do with our society. America and Muslim countries, shuns and hides the body, so men are always taken off guard by breast. Go to Europe, it's no big thing. Breast are breast.

    If your past and current boyfriend are hung up on breast size...you need a new class of boyfriends, one's that treat you like a person, not an object.

    One of the sexiest women that I always remember, had small breast, but had killer abs and a friendly, outgoing attitude, she carried herself proudly. Those combination's made her very attractive to me and any guy whose path she crossed. Often, women with big boobs use them to their advantage because guys are dogs and idiots and like your ex boyfriend, have only boobs on the brain.

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    A small percentage actually prefer smaller. I would say most prefer bigger though, and I would say virtually none 'hate' small ones. Personally I think it is more about total proportionality. If they seem too big or too small then it can be less attractive. You shouldn't be worried about what most guys would like anyway. If you think you are an above average person (quality wise), then you are looking for an above average guy, there is going to be fewer of those around, so just because the girl with the big breast gets more dates doesn't mean she's doing any 'better' with getting a good guy, just getting more of the 'average' ones.

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    I honestly don't care much about breast and im more of an ***'s loving type of guy so ya :) Also don't feel insecure its better anyway because women with big breast attract men for the wrong reasons but you you don't have to have that curse and a guy could get to know more of you instead of your breast.

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    I'm a girl, but some guys like smaller ones because they "fit in the hand well." And if a guy really likes you, he won't care if you have huge breasts or any at all.

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    I prefer small breasts.

    And like some other user said, breasts aren't the only part of a girl.

    You're perfect the way you are.


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    i like your breast ! when i take a girl out i take all of her,not just her breast. of course you can be attractive with small breast. your breast don,t have anything to do with your face. he probably wants them bigger so he could play with them.

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    wear tight fitting clothes! I think small breasts are almost better than large ones as long as they are presented properly.

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    breasts aren't the only part of a girl

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    I much prefer smaller breasts over larger ones... way sexier than big goofy ****

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    well if you was my gf i love your breast just the way they are big or small breast are just breast i mean my ex-gf had small breast & i liked them just fine so you should feel good about yourself!!!!


    Source(s): by looking at my gf`s boobs!!!
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