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What kind of house is this?


Yeah uhm, I do make sense.

I'm asking what type of style of house this is.

You don't have to like, swear at what I asked.

.. This house was from a video I watched and I couldn't get it any better. Sorry if it's not good enough for you. Whatever.

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    It's a jpg.

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    It's a little bit hard to tell without being able to see more of the detail, but I would say it is Federal Style. This is close to the Georgian Style that another answered. The double window on the second floor above the entrance makes me lean toward Federal over Georgian.

    By the way, "colonial" is a "catch-all" phrase that a lot of people use when they don't know what to call a rectangular house. True Colonial style has very distinctive features (like most styles) and is much less common than most people think. Most new homes built today under the name "colonial" are actually "colonial revival".

    Source(s): Residential Architect for 25 years.
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    I don't think it's a stupid question at all. You are merely inquiring about the style of the architecture of the house. I believe it is a Colonial. The columns on the small front porch and the shutters lead me to give you this answers. The material of the house doesn't really appear to be Colonial, for they are usually white wood or red brick. But, like I said, it appears to be Colonial. If you google that term, or Architecture styles, you will probably find more exact information and examples.

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    I'd call that Georgian, characterized by the simple, two-storey box-like shape, high degree of symmetry, the decorative cornice under the eaves and the multipaned windows. Check out this link for comparison...


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    What do you mean?

    You make no sense, could be a semi-detached once your inside. Could be flats. Who knows... FFS stupid question... You think we got x-ray vision... IDIOT.

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