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Is it okay.............................?

To go swimming with your period? I asked my cousin and she says she does but she uses a tampon with it. Im not exactly comfortable with the tampon so is it okay if i just dont use one when im going swimming with my period? I dont know exactly what my cousins saying because doesnt the flow stop in water?

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    The water stopping the flow is more of a myth. You should always use a tampon when you swim unless you want blood following you around in the water. It is uncomfortable, I know, but there's no way around it ):

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    Yes. You can go swimming with your period. Tampons are good for swimming because they are put inside, and won't be affected by the water. Your period will not stop in water, although many believe it does. It actually continues, but gets diluted in the pool water. You can't see it, but i'd be careful when getting in and out if other people are around. And, since pools have filters and chlorine and all, it's all going to get cleaned, so I wouldn't worry. Go swimming. If you can't get the tampon in the right way or if it's uncomfortable, go without, but just be cautious.

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    it is okay to go swimming with a tampon in because water is not going up your vagina to get the tampon wet. even if it did it would not let any of the blood out and anyway tampons are supposed to do that when they have blood in them inside your vagina.

    DO NOT go swimming with a sanitary towel in your bathing costume and do not go swimming without anything either as there is nothing to stop the blood from coming out and you could be swimming along with a trail of blood behind you! not good....

    don't use a tampon if you dont feel comfortable using one, its best just to wait until you have finished. It also says you can go swimming whilst wearing a tampon if you read the leaflet in the box

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    The water does tend to minimise your flow but it won't stop it completely and after a while you'll see a bit of blood in the pool. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a tampon then I'm afraid you're just going to have to give it a miss. You could take the risk if you want, but it'll be really embarrasing for you when you leak a bit, not to mention uncomfortable for the people that you're with. Hope I helped xxxx

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    Yeah the flow stops in water but as soon as you get out there will be A LOT of blood! If you want to go swimming, I suggest using a tampon.

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    Your flow is minimized in the water. But I would skip swimming if you don't want to wear a tampon. It is gross for people around you & if you do happen to leak, i'm sure someone will say something

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    The flow lightens in water so if it's already really light it should be okay to not use a tampon, but if not you should use one.

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    you could try it with a pad but maybe it would work without a pad/ tampon (dont no always have used a tampon during period swimming) your cuzin might get grossed out if you go without one but u never no until u try.. ask her maybe shell give u some advice

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    dont because i went swimming at a pool and there was tampons in the pool so no

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    i would use a pad that doesnt blow up like diapers does.


    deff use something.

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