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David Lee > Amar'e Stoudamire?

Rebounding: Lee > Amar'e (not even close)

Double-doubles: Lee > Amar'e (not even close Lee led NBA in double-doubles in 2008-2009)

FT shooting: Lee > Amar'e

Passing/handles:Lee > Amar'e (unlike Amar'e Lee can create for himself & create for others)

Jumpshot/offense: Lee > Amar'e (Amar'e used to be a better offensive player cause Lee lacked a jumper coming into the NBA. Now he's money from 15-20 out.)

Athleticism: Amar'e > Lee (Amar'e is more explosive than Lee)

Defense: Lee = Amar'e (this is both of their weakness but Lee has shown to give it more of his all defensively. Lee is a hustler)

In the last 2 seasons against Amar'e: Knicks W 2/ Suns W 2

2008-2009: Gm 1: Lee/// 7/9 FG (.778%), 15 Pts, 12 Rbs, 2 Stls

Amar'e/// 7/13 FG (.538%), 21 Pts,14 Rbs

Gm 2: Lee/// 12/21 FG (.571%), 25 Pts, 16 Rbs, 1 Stl

Amar'e/// 6/17 FG (.353%), 20 Pts, 4 Rbs

Overall 2008-2009: Lee/// 19/30 FG (.633%), 20 PPG, 14 RPG, 1.5 SPG

Amar'e/// 13/30 FG (.433%), 20.5 PPG, 8 RPG

2009-2010: Gm1: Lee/// 10/13 FG (.769%), 24 Pts, 8 Rbs, 4 Stls

Amar'e/// 4/7 FG (.571%), 14 Pts, 5 Rbs

Gm2: Lee/// 7/16 FG (.438%), 21 Pts, 13 Rbs, 2 Stls

Amar'e/// 3/6 FG (.500%), 18 Pts, 9 Rbs

Overall 2009-2010: Lee/// 17/29 FG (.586%), 22.5 PPG, 10.5 RPG, 3 SPG

Overall last 2 seasons:

Lee/// 36/59 FG (.610%), 21.25 PPG, 12.25 RPG, 2.25 SPG

Amar'e/// 20/43 FG (.465%), 18.25 PPG, 8.75 RPG


Yeah and for some reason Bosh who is a better defender than Amar'e did even worse defensively guarding Lee. Lee's numbers against Bosh were monsterous. Imagine a Bosh/Lee tandem that would be kickass. And I agree you give Lee a Nash and he can be a perennial All-Star like Amar'e has been.

Update 2:

Lee isn't the only option on his team they have Douglas who in the second half of the season averaged 14 per. Walker was scoring 20 point games left and right in NY. Gallo is Gallo the guy is a stud on offense he scored 17 points and 15 in a quarter alone. And Chandler can carry games offensively. Harrington is also a versatile scorer scored nearly 3 40 point games off the bench this season. What's more astounding is that Lee runs the break for NY sometimes and doesn't really gets plays ran through him like Amar'e and still produces. Knicks players just need to mature and play together more and Lee needs established players on his team as well get a good mix of FA's and some of the players they have and good things may happen.

Update 3:

T-MAC was getting 3 PPG cause he was not played by Adelman. NY didn't want to play T-MAC all that much cause he's not the same as he once was and was just a mere salary dump acquisition. Nevertheless we played him cause he is a natural SG. Also a reason why the Knicks did not mix well together is that Duhon sucks and was not benched sooner and we have so many expiring contracts that a lot of our players know that they wouldn't be here so what would be the point they would play for themselves more than the team and team success. Also if Stat was on this current Knicks team we would be far worse Stat has never proved to be able to lead a team he can't create for himself or even others Lee can. Not to mention Lee has had game winners this season (not his forte) but I haven't seen much of Stat down the stretch of games hitting the go ahead bucket.

Update 4:

T-MAC can go to the Lakers or Magic and be a 9 PPG bench player as well he's still got at least that much left.

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    I Agree with chris.

    It's the Knicks. They Suck.

    if Mario Chalmers Was on the knicks he would get 15 ppg.

    Look at tmac, he was averaging 9ppg on the knicks. when he was on the rockets the same season he got 3ppg. so if amare was on the Kicks he would be getting Triple doubles a 32ppg cause well,knicks are not that good of a team.

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    Yes Lee has had better numbers but you have to remember. He Play on the KNICKS so he was the go to guy. Unlike him, Amare has Nash which takes a way a little and also with the addition of brook lopez he lost some time. Also, Amare has made it to more allstar apearances than Lee. Its very confusing because Lee isn't going to get a max contract and Amare will. I guess Stoudemire has more potential, because Lee, once going on a winning team with other guys, might have a decrease in stats, but Amare is more proven to the fact that he can play with other stars. Also, he had surgery on his eye so that might affect him as hes more injury prone. Nice research btw.

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    Improving D. Lee > Boozer > Amare

    Many people dont think that way because the Knicks arent even close to the Jazz or Suns BUT Amare and Boozer have top 5 PGs...Lee doesnt and puts up similar numbers

    EDIT: To the guy above me....if D. Lee is the only option on his team then wouldnt/shouldnt it be harder for him to score?

    He has significantly better FG % over Amare.

    I agree completely. Amare isnt a max player....he is just the more flashier player.

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    The only reason David lee has better numbers is because he plays for the knicks, who are lookin pretty dull and he's the star player who pretty much has to do EVERYTHING! he's top scorer,top rebounder,and most blocks, thats almost everything, and amar'e is on a good team where they share the ball, so his numbers arent so high, but he still averages about 25ppg and is intimidating in the paint

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    the knicks should KEEP David lee and sign Amare but not at full max contract

    but if the knicks has to choose one, david lee is it because David Lee as of right now is the franchise player of the Knicks

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    you're KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    amare is way better!

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