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I dont really ahve sexxual thoughts?

I had a boyfriend at 15 and I never ahd one sexual thought about him. And when he was kissing me I did not feel it was sexual. If I see a attrractive guy i dont think sexual thoughts about him. I am more attracted to personlity than looks. I never had sex I dont think i well like it. Everyone like how would you know? I feel like saying would you like to go sky diviNG? You just know it is not for yu.


I am 19 years old

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    someday when you see the right person, youll get horny. itll happen. dont worry about forcing it to happen.


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    Ok in a case like this anything could be amazing you just never know. Theres a saying that means Dont Knock It Till You Try It. I will tell you a story- I was At Six Flags Great america This girl in front of mewas like im deathly afraid of heights I wont do the Ragun Bull and she was about to get off instead of do it so i slammed the seat belt thingy on there and rthose cannot be taken off till the end of the ride she was crying and like i hate you!!! As soon as we started she was like OMG thannk you so much im so glad i did it-I helped her... And i hope i can do the same for you so remember dont knock it till you try it and TRY EVERYTHING ONCE but also You are too young for s3x so dont do it till your at least 18 please thanks I HOPE I HELPED

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    no..wait, no...umm no....i think...

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