Can my company tell me my last day is 30th Septmeber when I haven't resigned?

I have had a letter today to say my last day at work will be 30th September as I am moving away from the area.

I have been considering moving away because my partner has been offered a job in oxford. However, I have to have my line managers position to apply for internal jobs, therefore I had to tell them. I have had no disiplinery or performance issues, I have constantly been promoted; but now have been moved to a branch where the manager is on long term sick and once he returns I would have to quit because I wouldn't have a job,my branch has a new manager, I have no new contract for the new branch and a letter to say my last day is 30th September????? (I assume this year it doesn't give a year)


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    You don't say where you are moving from and I'm assuming if you do go to Oxford you cannot commute to your current location. Again your company appears to have different branches and transfers can often be accommodated but they can't create a position for you in a different place if you are moving of your own volition.

    The bit that is really confusing is the letter. have you resigned? If not have you told them you are moving and won't be able to carry on working at your current location? You also say you have been moved to a new branch and once the manager returns you would have to quit - why? You wouldn't have to do anything it's up to the company to deal with that problem if and when it arises. Finally how long have you worked there and do you have a permanent contract?

    Steve Ferns

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    If the company has no positions or anywhere to put you or as you said, moving away and there are no positions available in the area you're moving to, then yes.

    As mentioned above, if any of it applies to you, they gave you plenty of time to find another job. Most places just let you go without notice. I know one job I worked was a contract-based job. The client had terminated the contract because they were in financial straits. I had a received a letter telling me I had only a week left to work before the contract ended. I talked to my client liaison and he said my bosses knew a month ahead of time. So, there you go.

    Sorry to read about you being let go, but at least they gave you 3 months notice.

    Good luck.

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