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why do some people who are into rock music despise rap music so much?

i watched a video on youtube from the kinks and someone left a comment saying that people should be listening to the kinks and not the rap music. also in this category people of the rock genre would put down rap music.

i love rock music, but i also love rap music. i think the artists are incredibly talented and, if you find a true artist, the lyrics will be deep and you can relate to them. in my mind rap and rock are on equal levels.

so there's my question. why do people hate it?

also i don't understand why people choose one genre of music that attracts them, but don't listen to other genres because they think they're crap.


Q2: what is your favourite type of music?

Q3: why do you like that genre?

Q4: do you listen to other genres of music? if so, what?

Q5: and if you restrict yourself to one genre of music, why do you do that?

thanks :)


@Krista i respect your opinion but i don't think you have given rap music enough time.

@IndieSiren ehm... rap IS a form of art and expression. 2pac EXPRESSED the hardships he experienced. rap is like poetry, which is a major art form.

@Lightworks beautiful answer man, kids should read your answer! it was very inspirational.

@DesertPlains yes i totally get what you're saying.and thank you for giving a solid reason as to why you don't like rap. :) haha and i'm glad i inspired you!

@Nina i have to agree with you there about metal being like classical. each genre influences the other in some way.

Update 2:

@JordanWhite thank you ma'am! haha i didn't know it was opposite day! ;) and yes you make a very good point there. the media tell us something and we just believe it. when i was a kid i thought classical music was for posh, rich people, but now i'm in in love with it!

Update 3:

@phatzwave jeez who sh*t in your cornflakes? the only genres you mentioned there that i haven't heard of are darkwave and neofolk. so i'm sorry for those two mistakes that i have in my life. and so what if i'm a TC in celebrities? that doesn't mean i have no awareness of good music. you're a horrible generaliser. but thank you for your opinion.

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    because they think they know the "definition" of music. They feel the need to down what ever is not typical to them. This is actually the same on both ends though. I've been surrounded by the hip hop culture my entire life, and there was a time when I thought anything that wasn't rap or r&b was lame. But I began to expand My musical taste. I even started playing guitar, and I am so happy I did. I listen to all types of music now. It's always best to expand your musical taste and being open minded to music. It improves your cultural diversity. But some people are just limited. It may be their ignorance. I don't know.

    I think My favorite genre of music is probably classical

    It can be really peaceful or intense at times and paints a visual image in my head, so when I listen to the music, I'm pretty much watching a movie. :)

  • I think some rap artists can be tolerable, but generally speaking I don't like it. I won't lie I actually think rap is kind of annoying and very overrated music, but at the same time just because I think that doesn't mean it isn't good music. I can only give you a handful of artists in rap/hip hop that I actually really enjoy, but other than those few people I just don't listen to it. It's not really my style and it isn't something I can get into. I definitely don't think rap is any less of a genre than rock, it's very equal. There are a lot of huge influential figures and I've never refused to acknowledge that culture plays a huge part in rap. It still isn't my music though.

    QA2: I love Jrock

    QA3: Jrock is a genre I can appreciate not only because of my appreciation for Japanese culture but also because the music is made around such an extreme alien mindset. I like that bands are always trying new things and they're always willing to take huge risks with their music. The visuals, the music itself and the lyricism always fascinates me, granted my understanding of Japanese language is still a work in progress.

    QA4: I listen to a lot. On my ipod you'll find alternative, electronic, industrial, Jpop, metal (core, goth, symphonc, melodic death), an insane plethora of Jrock, and I'm always checking out world music so I've also got Russian metal, French rock, Swedish pop music and all of this other stuff. I like the diversity.

    QA5: Haha, no way. I purchased two cds from Hot Topic (yes people I walked into a Hot Topic), they were Boys Like Girls (pop punk) and Suicide Silence (deathcore). They were near closing time so it was one worker and the manager and the manager made a comment about my taste being really diverse

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    People hate rap because they've only been exposed to the bad stuff like Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne, I can understand if somebody doesn't like the genre, but have some respect for the artists and the people who do like it. Rap isn't just about sex and drugs, it's about struggle and politics too, just look at groups like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, that's real rap, not the club crap that gets overplayed on the radio.

    Q2: Metal (especially traditional heavy metal)

    Q3: Since metal has so many subgenres I always have something interesting to listen to. I especially like traditional heavy metal because of the instrumentation and lyrics.

    Q4: Yes; I listen to pretty much everything, but besides traditional heavy metal my other two favorite genres are pop punk and latin jazz.

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    Well, rap music wasn't always about sex. There were many political rap groups in the 80s. There were people that told a story about how life was for them but it had a positive overtone. Think about "The Message". Think about Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince. They were able to rap and give a story without cussing, fussing, and putting people down. A lot of people didn't like them in the 80s because they said the group was too soft. I disagree. There are many groups that were able to make fun songs for dancing that weren't sexist or hypocritical. If you listen to a lot of rap like I have, you would probably find some songs or groups that are outside of the modern stereotype. However, I do agree with you about most of the modern rap that talks about sex, drugs, and stupidity on a grand scale.

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    Anyone who would say that all rap sucks or that bull thing that I've heard a billion times about "(c)rap" is really musically ignorant in my opinion. I honestly don't get how someone could say any major genre sucks completely and I almost feel bad for that person because their music tastes must be really limited and boring.

    I honestly don't know why people hate it as much as they do. Maybe it's because all they hear are the stereotypes and they don't hear how deep rappers can be. Also, even when someone does hear deep rap lyrics it's not familiar to them so that could be another reason. I mean, one time I saw someone say that rap lyrics suck because it's all about ghetto life and all that. I told him that yeah, a lot of rap lyrics are about the ghetto and I would imagine that's a pretty tough life so why shouldn't lyrics be about it?

    Q2: Metal

    Q3: Hmmmm the power behind it and just the feeling it gives me.

    Q4: Oh definitely, I listen to...


    Rap/ Hip hop









    (I feel like I'm missing a few haha)

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    People hate it because when you listen to one genre of music, you aren't as immersed in others. So for example someone into rock music could go on for hours naming amazing rock bands and when you ask them to name rap artists, they come up with someone like T-pain or Lil Wayne. They often only see the most publicized artists and not the real gems, which leads them to conclude all rap sucks. Onto Q2. My favorite genre is Rock or Pop huge beatles fan, kiss etc and MJ, even Michael Buble is my most played on my iPod. But I am also a big Eminem fan. I like rock because of the heart and soul put into it. Theres so much emotion and in the Beatles case, so many new techniques and sounds.The Next two questions I think I covered above ^^^^ :)

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    You sir make an extremely excellent point. I sing in a band and was a rap hater for a long time. Then people showed me artists like Atmosphere and Knowmads. I was blown away, it completely changed my mind on rap. The reason we are all so single minded is because the media shows us that rappers want to get money and f*ck b*tches. But this is not always the case, and when you think about it rock is the same way. People think it's all about sex and drugs but that isn't what it's about for me. You raise an excellent point that I wish could be spread to many more people.

    Q2: Indie Rock I suppose, but I like everything from Nirvana to Passion Pit

    Q3: I used to listen to really sad music that was loud, mainly because I was angry. But screw being sad, now I just listen to whatever makes me happy and makes me excited.

    Q4: Yes, I like electronica and a lot of indie rap, also there is some pretty good classical and jazz

    Q5: I don't that is completely ridiculous. I want several influences, an open mind leads to a full one.

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    You make a really good point. I'm not exactly sure why a lot of the people that like rock hate rap. I personally like both as long as the lyrics have a deep sad/happy meaning to it that has a good melody to go with it. For example: I like Eminem's "Mockingbird", but I also like Flyleaf's "Again". There's a song that puts rap and screamo together that I like. It's called "Get Crunk" by Brokencyde.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that it all depends on people's tastes in music.

    Source(s): My mind. :)
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    People hate rap for 2 reasons: the whole crime/gang culture that surrounds it, or the fact that it consists of sampled tracks with little melody. At least that's the reason I don't like it. I just think it's a broad enough reason to account for lots of people. I still have found some rap songs I like though.

    Q2: what is your favourite type of music? 60s/70s rock and pop.

    Q3: why do you like that genre? I like instrument driven pop (why I specified the 60s/70s) and the combinations of sounds they used then.

    Q4: do you listen to other genres of music? if so, what? Just about anything that seems good.

    Q5: and if you restrict yourself to one genre of music, why do you do that? I just listen to whatever catches my ear.

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    Rockers think that rap is a pathetic type of music because they don't make the difference between rapping and spoken word. I'm into punk rock now, but I used to like eminem, 2pac, bizzy bone..etc

    Q2: Punk Rock

    Q3: Because it's protest music, and I find it more catchy than other rock genres

    Q4: Not really, I only like a few bands that aren't punk (Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Oasis and Jason Mraz)

    Q5: I don't, but I just don't like other genres so much

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