Do white girls date black guys?

Before i start i would like to let you know that im not trying meet anyone online im just curious,so please no rude remarks because i know there a lot of people who don't answer these questions seriously and say a lot of messed things.Ok well im 18 and im black im not loud and i don't use any drugs plus i don't sag my pants.I listen to rock more than i listen to rap i also wanna be in a rock band and i listen to country i plan on learning french.Plus i have a lot of white friends and i would like to start a relationship with a white girl im a really nice person and i treat people with respect and i like to have fun.But there is 1 thing i wanna say my mom is kind of racist and so is my dad they don't want me to date a white girl they always tell me that i need to date someone my own color but i don't want to and im not trying to be racist but some black girls are so loud and they always wanna have a fit and i don't want to deal with that.So do white girls date black guys?

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    Just to start off..I understand that you're not trying to be racist but they way you come off seems like it but I can understand because its kinda the same for me. Well, theres nothign wrong with dating a white woman and if your family can't accept that than its not your problem, its theirs. Its your love life and if you want to date a white woman without parents permission than you can do so. Interacial dating is the subject of a lot of conversations now a days, but that doesnt matter, it you love someone then you should go for it! :3 But dont judge black women like that. I know that what your saying is true, a lot are loud and starts fights but dont see the whole racial group as that. Im black and Im very quiet and shy and I'm a pacifst so dont judge all black women like that you jus have to get to know people a bit better and one day you might end up with a black never know. :3 But yes,..There are many white women that are dating black men, so you will find the girl and hopefully she will make you happy :3

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    This has been an issue around me also. I believe the white girls that date black guys exclusively have a low self esteem. They are usually the girls that are overweight with pasty white skin that are not very attractive. The ones I know do not think they deserve white guys or that they are not good enough. It is not good for anyone to have low self esteem, it doesn't matter what you look like. From what I've seen also, it is a trend in high school. Usually short lived after graduation. Girls finally get tired of being mistreated and the guys usually grow up. Why don't many white guys date black girls?

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    ....genious google inter-racial couple. Its going to surprise you, but sit down before you read this. The president of the united states...hes black. His mom was white and his dad was black. So apparently not only do white girls date black dudes. They have sex with them too. Ill let you figure that out on your own.

    btw. cmon, seriously. i feel sorry for you that you the black girls you know apparently media stereotypes. move to city. i recommend atlanta, new orleans, washington, charlotte.

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    LAMO, your stupid, you sound just like this black dude in my that you kamal? your ignorant, of course white girls some not all date black guys you didn't even have to post that question, and all black people don't do drugs and sag there pants, of loud for that matter...

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    your 18 move out start your own life im white and i went out with a black guy twice but who cares what color thy are or what clothes they were, you dont have to prove your point bc your parents are pigs and racist to white people trust me your 18 and your indepoendant now do whatever you want of course your allowed to go out with a white girl or a green girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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