How would I answer these four questions? (Trig)?

3. Calculate.

a. Cos 42° b. Cos 68° c. Cos 12° d. Cos 0°


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  • Ed I
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    1 decade ago
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    a. 0.7431...

    b. 0.3746...

    c. 0.9781...

    d. 1

    Honestly, I am not sure what they expect you do to "calculate" cos 42°, for example.

  • 1 decade ago

    easy really.

    a) Cos = Adj/Hyp (Place the adjacent, divide by the Hypotenuse, and then multiply by watevur Angle is given to u. Make sure ur calculator is in degrees, not radians or gardians.) Obviously for the cosine of 0, obviously the answers is 0.

    Source(s): My Math Textbook!
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