Does anyone have some advice about my child custody case?

My sons father was never there for him. He met my son at 4 months old and only saw him 3 times after that. His mother took us in for 3 months (he lived somewhere else) but my son and i eventually ended up fleeing the house while she was out. I was terrified of him hurting us even though his mom knew what he was. He has always been extremely emotionally abusive to himself and others( he would call my son little douche bag and other racial slurs) and has a history of violence and suicidal. His family has a history of nasty custody battles so they are always "lawyer ready". Im a single 21 year old mother and we have managed to stay away from them for a year but i want to be ready for when he decides to want custody as he currently pays child support. If he didn't owe the state I would have taken it off. I would do anything not to make him mad. My sons life is in danger around him. How can i stop the AZ courts from giving him custody? Hes a cop and i have no proof he is crazy. I just want my son to be safe. I need some steps to take that could help my case. Best case scenario would him to sign his rights away but I think his family would convince him not to. He could care less about my son its his mom and dad who tell him wat to do.

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  • John
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    1 decade ago
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    Most courts won't remove custody from Mom with out good cause ....

    I recommend you leave ... distance equals safety ..... Always room here in Florida.

    Be safe.

  • 1 decade ago

    BrainFreeze-why do you think she is a horrible mother? She is trying to keep her son safe from a bunch of low life losers that are on welfare and drug abusers. I give her credit to try to dig out of that trailer trash lifestyle. It's those that try to do the right thing that should be commended.

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