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Is it bad to smack a 4 year old for wetting her pants?


no. I never potty trained her. She doesn't know how to use toliet yet. I am punishing her for not cleaning her room by taking her diapers away.

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    Um yes! It was an accident and you should potty train her! At age 4 she should be potty trained. And don't smack the poor kid for forgetting to take her diapers tell her first and see that she takes it if she refuses a little push (DO NOT HIT) push will help

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    Yes it is bad to smack them for it. But I don't agree with some of the others that said "they've done nothing wrong" or "no child does it on purpose".....if your child is 4 years old and isn't completely potty trained, you must be doing something wrong. I know a lot of kids do it on purpose. I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

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    There is alot more that needs to be added. Did the child pee his/her pants cuz you wouldnt take them to the bathroom? If so, then I say smack you.

    Dis the child sit on the couch and have to go potty, but would cuz they were watching cartoons? If so, then dont smack, but put them in a time out and explain to them about going potty.

    Is the child just now potty training? If so, smack you twice cuz your lazy.

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    it sounds like you need to go to parenting classes. And you yourself need to grow up. Your child should already be potty trained. And for punishment you took away their diapers, what kind of parent does that. And then you smack them for wetting their pants.

    You set that child up for failure, you yourself should be smacked!

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    yes! what is your problem?!

    especially because you never potty trained her!

    awful parenting skills. a w f u l

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    well not every child is ready to be potty trained at 4 but if its her 1st time then try to help her understand the process

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    Yes! No kid wets their pants on purpose. It's an accident or a physical problem.

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    Don't ever ever ever hit a child over wetting themselves.

    They've done nothing wrong at all!!

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    its your fault for not potty training her! do not smack your child under any cercumstances!

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