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i want a new nancy drew pc game but dont relyl want it to be delivered to my house-i dont want to wait. on the website, you can "download" for $20. does this mean it will be on your computer right away?

this is the website. it says "buy download" or "buy boxed". is the download the same just no wait to be delivered?

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    When you buy the download you will have to download it on your computer and then you will have to wait an hour to 8 hours depending on your computer. The download is the same once you buy it it will take you to your account that you made and it will say download and you click download and it will pop open a little page and say something and you will have to download Download Manager and after you do that, it starts downloading right away.. the person above is stupid. They will not scam you and whatever downloading game you buy will always be on your account so if you get a new computer and decide you want to play the game again all you have to do is go on your account and it will be there. Its like your bought the box but its on your computer forever. I hoped i helped! I love nancy drew games!

    oh and yes i did it all through

    EDIT*** This is my husband page lol i forgot to check to see if i was on my email account :)

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    I didnt check out the website, buy I think you should order the game off of a better known website like . Honestly I wouldnt download it because you have no proof that you paid them the 20$ and they could just scam you.

    Buy the box version of Amazon.

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