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Can someone teach me a little bit more basic stuff of Spanish?

I'm studying tourism at college. I get spanish lessons at school like the basic stuff, grammar etc. But I would like to see more of the language, could you please help me with the language ?

I would really appreciate that, thanks !

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    There are many online courses that can help Spanish learners to improve their reading and speaking skills.

    Other tips:

    Beside doing any courses, I believe it is always help to improve your Spanish is by watching Spanish TV, listening to Spanish songs, reading Spanish newspaper, talking to fluent Spanish people online, and play more Spanish online game to improve your vocab.

    I have joined a program which includes most of the things, and I actually learn Spanish right after their 1st part of the course. The most amazing part is the game they include which helps me to practice and improve my Spanish very quickly and effectively!

    Hope this helps =)

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    I are not able to talk Spanish both. But you must have an understanding of it by no means comes clearly. I must concentrate difficult, and research difficult, however i've dangerous upload, so I'm continuously like, "Huh?!" Anyway, rosetta stone truthfully works, who might've guessed! Try it, or you'll be able to additionally get a spanish train. Hope that is helping. Adios

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    Well... I don't know what do you want to learn exactly, there are so many things in grammar that even for a native speaker is a little hard to understand. If you want, there is my e-mail in my profile, so you can get this and ask me whatever you want, I get online almost all the days at dusk, I would really like to help you. =)


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    yes, of course. I don´t know what you want exactly so i´ll teach you a few expressions and vocabulary.

    1-About tourism

    Turista - Tourist

    Billete - ticket, specially air ticket

    Azafata - Air hostess

    Crucero - cruise

    2-words and expressions that you will only learn in the street

    Pureta- Middle aged person

    No me toques los cojones- Don´t touch my balls

    ¿Pero que coño? - WTF?

    guiri - Person from another country (where they don´t speak spanish)

    If you have any doubt or want to know anything, send me an Email

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