Are we eligible for respite care? And if I'm qualified to do it, can I get paid to take care of my DD/MR son?

My son is ten years old and has Cerebral Palsy, Profound MR, Epilepsy, a G-Tube (to eat), and is 100% incontinent and immobile. Needless to say, it is extremely hard for us to find a sitter when we need to run errands and whatnot. People tend to be extremely intimidated by his condition and even his extended family members won't watch him... ever. It's really hard for him to comprehend why his aunts and uncles come over to pick up his older brother, but they never take him. So, since we are here with him all the time anyway, and his biological mother isn't working for this reason, is there a way that she can get a waiver or be employed by a respite agency to stay home with him and get paid? Not having a dual income is causing stress on our family, and I (mom's girlfriend of 5 years) am the only one able to work because she can not find anyone to watch him so that she can work also. The boys' dad does not pay child support, even though he has been ordered to by the court system, and he only takes the boys every other weekend. Does anyone have any ideas for us? We would really appreciate some honest advice to help get us out of this rut. Thank you very much!

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    He should be refered for the Medicaid waiver program. This will entitle him to a service coordinator will set up respite care. Contact your local OMRDD program for your state. Where I live money is allowable for the family to pay someone to watch him or they will find someone qualified to do it. They also have group homes that only take respite case for just the day or for a week. You can also speak to his schools social worker

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    Most companies will forbid close family members from working together or with each other - so it's unlikely that she would be paid to care for her child. She can apply for disability for him and she can apply for waiver services (although be prepared for a wait if she isn't already on the Medicaid waiver waiting list - my son's 9 and we were told that he may be 21 before he will qualify for this program). Are there any facilities for individuals with disabilities in your town (or a nearby town). We have a recreational facility that is wonderful and accepts individuals who are 5 and older with any disability/limitation. They are open from 6:30am-6:30pm (although for an extra fee and notice, they will stay open until 7:30pm if necessary). They also offer Special Olympics sports, camping trips, and other field trips/vacations for the children and adults. They have a summer program that offers activities in nature, recreation, art, and music. Is he in school throughout the school year? If so, she could work during school hours and then take summers off. She should ask his teacher(s) if they know of anyone willing to sit with him for a few hours to relieve her sometimes. There are many special education teachers, caregivers, and health aides who would love to earn some extra money (plus, they love the field and enjoy the work) and wouldn't mind coming over and watching your son so that the two of you could get away for a little bit - even if it's just to do errands. Child support is a joke in a lot of situations... I receive it, but there are years when he doesn't pay and just moves... then the courts (or me in most cases) have to track him down again. Good luck to you... it is a difficult situation because normal sitters won't work. If you know of anyone who is currently working with individuals with disabilities (my city also has more than a dozen group homes for individuals with disabilities - so lots of young adults in this field) ask them if you could call to set up some "sitting" times. Many of these employees are trained in all areas, even g-tubes. If your city does not offer any help, then you may need to consider relocating. I know the recreational facility that I spoke about earlier would get clients from over 60 miles away because it was the only available program for some of the kids/adults.

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