im stuck at what choice to do?

so me this guy called "S" have been through a lot, like theres been history and stuff, basicallly we were on and off, and on friday i said to him i was gone for good cause i couldnt wait for him any longer, and later that night he was like i thought about you all day i dont want you too leave and all of that so i said ill meet you monday, i went into town on the saturday and met up with my friends who are also "S" friends and i told them that i was meeting with him on monday and they were like :/ we have something we have been needing to tell you for 2 weeks now, and they told me that he liked a girl called olivia who is a year 9! when were in year 11. and thats why he wanted a break :/ and i bumped into a girl called beth and she was telling he was telling her he liked her and the reason why we broke up is because i asked him for sex and he said no so i finished him :| which isnt true so i texted him telling him to never speak to me again, later that night he was apologising and telling me hes sorry for lieing and everything, and i went to a party got drunk and kissed 2 people, so the next day he found out and started calling me a slag. and i was like im not the wrong? :S i kissed 2 people when we were done whilst he liked another girl when he was supposed to be in love with me. basically now hes all like coming back round saying he wants me but he wants to be single he doesnt want me to leave him and what not, but he wants to be single, but whilst hes saying all of this hes out with other girls :/

i dont know wether to like let him go and get over him and move on

or wait for him because i love him so much :/

and was i in the wrong for kissing 2 guys? :/

thanks x

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    While it was extremely difficult to read all of this, I think I got the general idea.

    1) Forget about him. He just wants you around as a back up in case other options (girls) don't work out. Teenage boys (and many grown men for that matter) always want what they can't have. Move on.

    2) Yes it was wrong of you to kiss two guys in one night. Not because it was like cheating on your indecisive ex but because it kind of does make you a "slag" as you called it. It is never a good idea to take your resentment towards one guy out on another through physical contact. Even if you don't regret it for whatever immoral reason, you will regret the outcome which will be the majority of the people you know thinking that you will kiss and/or sleep with any guy you encounter.

    Slow down a bit girl.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'd say you are more in the wrong than he was... first off if he did like the girl you don't know if he cheated or not; so for you to get drunk and kiss 2 people was not right. Now as far as he is concerned anyone who isn't sure about whether or not he want to be with you needs to be let go of. Yes it is going to hurt but you need to be with someone who absolutely KNOWS that he wants to be with you. stop wasting your time waiting on him

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    leave him. point __

    He cheated on you. If he loved you, he would have come clean about it instead of having his friends expose it. Yea you got drunk and kissed two other people, when you both had broken up, so what. It's not like you had sex with them. He's an *** and a liar. A person who really loves you won't make up lies about you and spread them around. Leave him, forget about him, move on. He doesn't appericate you, don't waste your time with a sorry dude like him.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    um were not in the year 11.

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