how do i get started with internet marketing?

I want to know how to start Affiliate marketing business.

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    Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity whether you want to make some extra money or as an career opportunity. There is a lot of info online about Affiliate Marketing and one that I found pretty good is a step by step free course called Show me how to make money in my sleep. You can check out their video presentation here Not bad this one actually.

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    Define a niche market, and target your affiliate products to that market. DON'T pick a product just because you think it looks cool.

    There are many avenues to pursue. You may consider getting some great leads by writing articles, swapping advertising, swapping articles, using message boards, chat rooms, banner ads, or classifieds. Think about online communities like a virtual cafe other gathering places for people to get together with similar interests. Lastly there is PPC(pay per click). This is Google’s PPC program called “AdWords”. It’s a good program, the instructions are very detailed and it’s easy to get started once you sign-up. Before you start a campaign ad you should do some analysis. Try to pick a product preferably one that people cannot readily obtain at the mall or shopping center and it has low competition and high probability. Try think about how the customer would use the product or search for the product.

    Affiliate marketing is a learning curve and there are lots of free resources that you can use for analysis.

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    There are a lot of programs out there offering help to start internet marketing, so make sure you do your research before you dive right in.

    The best way to get your feet wet with internet marketing is to try article marketing. It is free to start. All you have to do is write articles about something that people are concerned with (i.e. dog obedience, hair loss, going green, etc.) and use that to promote products that address those concerns. You can easily submit articles to free sites like or

    I talk more about internet marketing on my website and I also offer a free course.

    Good luck

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    The best thing to do is NOT spend any money getting started. Visit internet marketing forums, join, ask questions, and read other members postings.

    This way you can learn the ropes, and decide if this would be something you'd be interested in.

    I wish you the best of luck, internet marketing is very competitive these days.

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    I think a industry relevant blog will do a lot for you if you write on relevant industry news, and mix in articles referencing your own company. The key here is that it can not be blatant self promotion. It needs to be content rich. I would also spend a lot of time reading other industry related blogs and leaving intelligent substantive comments that referrer people back to articles you have written. Blog Carnival submission is another great idea. All of this can be done for zero out of pocket expense. If you have a budget you may do well with google ad words or paid for leads, but I would personally only use that as a supplement to a good blogging campaign.

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    Hi, if you want to know how to get started with internet marketing, check out this site It is the same system I have learn't with, hands on live training and a support team. Hope this helps.

    All the best


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    Hey Emmanuel!

    You can join Ed Dale's "30 day challenge" to learn more on affiliate Marketing.

    Also, you can find some articles on:

    1) Adsense -

    2) Affiliate Marketing -

    3) Blogging -

    4) Email Marketing -

    5) Internet Marketing in general -

    Best regards,


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    Simple and best way to start promoting your affiliate marketing business is by using article marketing.

    Write a lot of articles with a link back to your blog or website and promote products in the blog.

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    Hi, i would say that affiliate marketing is not that effective these days as before and requires more spending and time for it to work out good. I suggest you another internet promotion of submitting your business to good directories online. This will give a good exposure and good quality customers . I have tried this business listing stuff with and found very useful. You may also try it someday.

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