Please rate my pokemon 1-10?

im going to battle with my cousin and I got like10 really good pokemon I could use that are about the same lvl please rate and name the 6 I should use to battle with him

Gengar lv.85


Thunder 10/10

Drain Punch 5/5

Shadow ball 15/15

Dark pulse 15/15

Slaking lv.82


Counter 20/20

Slash 20/20

Hammer Arm 10/10

Punishment 5/5

Rhyperior lv.84

Rock Wrecker 5/5

Hammer Arm 10/10

Stone edge 5/5

Earthquake 10/10

Dragonite lv.84

Wing Attack 35/35

thunder 10/10

Ice Beam 10/10

Outrage 15/15

Honchkrow lv.84

Fly 15/15

Dark pulse 15/15

Pursuit 20/20

Night Slash 15/15

Vespiquen lv.85

Defense order 10/10

Attack Order 10/10

Power gem 20/20

Heal Order 10/10

Garchomp lv.85

Dragon claw 15/15

Crunch 15/15

Dragon rush 10/10

Earthquake 10/10

Lucario lv.85

Close Combat 5/5

Force Palm 10/10

Dragon Pulse 10/10

Counter 20/20

Arcanine lv.86

Strength 15/15

Flamethrower 15/15

Flame wheel 25/25

Reversal 15/15

Charizard lv.86

Flamethrower 15/15

Heat wave 10/10

Fly 15/15

Flare blitz 15/15

Sceptile lv.83

Slam 20/20

earthquake 10/10

Leaf Blade 15/15

Leaf storm 5/5


Drill peck 20/20

Hydro pump 5/5

Brine 10/10

Surf 15/15

Please rate tell me the 6 I should use to beat my cousin

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hard to say without Stats, but I would go with:

    Garchomp, because Garchomp are just amazing at everything.

    Sceptile, because It can be decent at mixed attacking.

    Rhyperior, because it has a great move set.

    Gengar, because it has pretty good moves (though i would ditch drain punch or dark pulse for focus blast.

    Arcanine, because it is great overall and is really the only one left who doesn't have a redundant moveset.

    And Lucario, because it is decent, and has good typing to round off your team.

    But just a tip overall, never give any one pokemon more than two attacks of the same type, and only do more than one if it makes sense, like with your Rhyperior. (Pure Power but locked in vs. Less power but not lock). Charizard, Empoleon, And Honchkrow all have unnessicary moves.

    The only reasons I didn't go with Dragonite, Vespiquen, or Slaking is that Slaking's ability makes him to hard to use outside of double battles, Dragonite would add a second Double Ice weakness to your team which is unfavorable, and Vespiquen just has a bad type combination for your team, or any team for that matter.

  • 1 decade ago

    Gengar, Charizard,Lucario,Garchomp,Dragonite,Rhyperior

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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