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What's the fastest way I can be allowed to work in the States?

I'm 16 years old and a Canadian citizen, but I've lived here in Texas for almost 10 years now. I'm at the point where I want to start getting my life going, as in getting a job, a car, etc. My dad has applied for a green card for my sister and I (we're currently on an H1B visa). We're on the immigration waiting list, which I think is ridiculous because I've lived here since I was 7.

Anyways, there's a minimum of 3 years on the waiting list and could take anywhere up to 5...I really don't want to be 21 before I can get a job and I'm planning on going to university here, so...

The wait wouldn't be that much of a problem if I was going to stay at home or if my parents had any money, but I'm going to be graduating a year early (when I'm 17) and moving to Houston for school. I'll probably be living with my boyfriend, and it wouldn't be fair or go with my principles to have to rely on him financially.

So, is there a faster way I can get a work permit in the US?


Gahh but I'm full of teenage angst, and IWANTOUTOFHERE! To me it's ridiculous.

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    You can study on an H4, and if it gets clear that you don't get a greencard by the time you are 21 you need to apply for and get a student visa. Shouldn't be a problem, if you are Canadian its particularly easy. Look it up when/if you are at that stage. Just make sure you are never illegally in the US as that can cause problems later.

    However, you cannot work while on an H4. With an F1 (student) visa you can work on campus, but are unlikely to earn enough to even pay the tuition fees, particularly as you will have to pay out-of-state tuition fees. You can either get a scholarship for that or you can seriously consider attending university in Canada as it will be noticeably cheaper. I suggest you compare tuition fees.

    I assume from what you say that your dad is applying in the EB-3 category. Currently there is a waiting list of 7 years for this category.

    Only other option for you to get a greencard is get married to your boyfriend. He will have to earn at least about $18 000 a year in order to sponsor you. And getting married for immigration purposes is normally only a good idea if you plan to get married anyway.

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    There is no fast way if he is on an H-1B. I am a Canadian engineer in LA on an H-1B too. My daughter changed from a TD to an F-1 student visa when she started college in the USA. On an F-1 you can work part time.

    She starts her PhD this fall, on her third F-1. This summer she is working for the US government and they are sort of paying for her PhD. She is 23 now and she and her American BF are getting married this month. Though with her bachelor's degree in Economics she could be on a TN visa if she wants.

    However, at 16 there are no real choices. You are an H-4 until you can go to college and you cannot work at all until you get on the F-1.

    Also, you cannot get the TN yourself until you get a degree in one of a certain number of fields and are at least 21.


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    Your options are:

    A. Let your generous father support you until you get your green card.

    B. Consider one of the many fine (and affordable) universities in Canada.

    You're in a good situation, why complicate your life by being a teenage runaway? If you were from a Third World country your panic might make sense. My kid has dual citizenship and I'm HOPING he chooses to go to college in Canada. Boyfriends at your age are temporary but a decent education is forever. Student debt can also last nearly a lifetime so think long and hard about why you're so intent on going to uni in The States.

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    you are H-4 you have to leave the US when you are 21 ... if no green card arrives

    nothing to stop you going home and working ... or getting married

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    There are no fast way for anything, others ahead of you are also waiting. Nothing ridiculous about your situation. Processing takes time.

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    Colorado, and most others I have been in. Just depends on the school.

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