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my horse is due to foal in 4 weeks but she is not showing signs of pregnancy yet is this normal for a first?

im sure i can feel movments on her flank area .also she has no signs of milk being produced yet what sort of signs can i look for to be ready for her foaling ? :}


she dosent look verry much in foal at all but she is getting grumpy with the other horse she is with and likes to be by her self at the moment .

she just looks under weight for the time she has left . when i baught her 4 weeks ago she was riddled with red worm so i dont know if this has mabe stopt the foal growth or even mabe made her slip the foal but im sure i would of noticed at this stage .

mabe the movments im feeling are just gut movment from her its all confusing lol i dont know weather im going to get a foal soon or not its a total night mare as i was just busy backing her and unsure weather to waite till as late as september time to find out if she drops x

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    Don't count on the bag filling up or waxing as a sign your mare will be close to delivery, especially with a maiden mare. Look more for signs of discomfort such as biting at her sides. Also, the area around the tail will soften quite a bit as the body prepares to push the baby out. The closer your mare gets to foaling, the softer and squishier it will get. My mare was a maiden when she had her foal, and she surprised us all by delivering much sooner than we anticipated. She hardly bagged up at all the day before, but after having her baby, her bags got quite full.

    Keep in mind also, that your mare will probably want privacy when she delivers and may even try to hide signs from you. This is part of their inherent instinct to protect themselves from predators while in a weak state.

    Have fun with this, and remember not to bug your mare or the baby too much at first. Be sure to give them ample time to bound. Enjoy this very special time!

    P.S. You may find the information here very helpful: http://www.horses-and-horse-information.com/articl...

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    Her actual milk will not come in until the foal is a couple days old, she will however start bagging up with colostrum between a month to 2 weeks ahead of foaling. Her vulva will start to sag and become very relaxed. if she is in a pasture with other horses, she will leave the herd and stay be her self when she foals. Also, many mares and foals go as much as 2 months past the due date without actually being late. Pre-term, full term and post term foals are decided on their size, not the length of the pregnancy.

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    A lot of mares start to roll 7-10 days before foaling. It helps get the foal in the right position. Also make sure to look for milk closer to due date. You still have a month so don't be too worried. If she is large, you know she is expecting a foal eventually. Some mares foal late as well. It's normal to be two weeks late. Just be patient!

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    When she bags up and starts filling up with milk she is getting ready to foal, about 36 hours before foaling they usually have a waxy substance on their nipples. Some mares will go longer than the normal 340 days, I had a mare who went 372 days and one that went 345 days, but have had mares that foaled in 330 days also.

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