Are there privacy laws that apply to business transactions? Also interference of contract and antitrust?

Are there privacy laws that apply to business transactions? Some transactions were in my name but were business related. Distributors I had placed orders gave out information about orders I place dwhich included my personal and other information without my consent and as a consequence the manufacture of products told distributor to cancel orders I had placed. The distributors followed manufacturers instructions. This hurt my business relationship with my customers and lowered and eliminated profits. Not sure if this is a privacy law issue, interference of contract or anti-trust violation of the law?



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  • TW K
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    Well it first of all depends on the Mercantile Law of your country/State.

    British Mercantile Law will take side of the producers. If the producers do not want to deal with you or take orders from you, then you cannot force them. Even if you are entering into a legitimate contract, it is still for the second party to respond. In your case, the problem seems to be the release of information regarding you. This depends on the contract you had initially entered and the industry practice. If you had made clear (implicitly or explicitly) to the distributors that your information should not be released to the third party then they can be held liable for the loss incurred due to breach of terms of the agreement.

    Disclaimer: I cannot decide the case (as I am no judge) and what I have stated is just my opinion.

    TW K

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