Why are playstation a shower of *******. My Ps3 is flashing red light after 18 months.?

They tell me its a non specific problem and i need to pay 160 euro to get a re-manufactured model! Basiclly a repaired ps3 that was previously broken. I think Xbox Will send a courier to collect, repair and then return free of charge?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's pretty disturbing, but the problem you're describing isn't so uncommon. If your console is still under warranty (did you get an extended warranty?) then you should go for the Sony coverage. Yes, you may be getting a refurbished console, but that's a common practice with most warranty programs. A refurbished product has to go through exactly the same inspection as any brand new item in order to be sent out as a warranty replacement. It's supposed to speed up turnaround time - although some would question that!

    REMEMBER: if you send the console away, all your data may be lost forever. It WILL be lost if they replace the console. You'll want to backup your data first. The site referred below features a backup product that works to backup a console as well as game discs (discs can ONLY be copied for personal use, to protect the original).

    If your console is past warranty, you do have the option of repairing it yourself. Visit http://www.yellowlightofdeath.org/ to find more info and a repair guide, that has helped a lot of people save their money and their sanity. Because even if you send the console to Sony, or pay a local repair service, you could encounter other errors down the road. If would be nice to know you can deal with them yourself!

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    1 decade ago

    Your just unlucky and got a faulty one. It does happen

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