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is it normal or possible for your foreskin to be to tight?

Im only 14 and my foreskin is to tight i can pull it back unerrect but it hurts and i cant pull it back when its errect will it change as i grow?

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    you just need to loosen it up. Pull it back everyday to wash in the shower and also when you urinate. It will loosen up and been fine. Dont listen if people say to get circumcised and hyou dont need to.

    I say if an adult male wants it done then good for him but why take that choice away from him as a baby? Check out this link and tell me you would let this happen to your child. Sure it is pics that are from Asia but its the same procedure that is done (but with cleaner instruments.)


    Some reasons why people say a male should be circumcised.

    1-- Its cleaner to be cut.

    I wash everyday and have no problem with smegma or smell. Does that mean cut guys don't have to wash? Mine takes a whole 5 seconds to wash in the shower. Not really a big deal.

    2-- It helps prevent HIV being spread.

    While this "may" be true (I don't think it is) then why is the AIDS rate in the USA so high when the circ rate is still high for adult men, but Europe the AIDS rate is lower where the vast majority of men are uncut. the same goes for cervical cancer on their partners. Also what is wrong with wearing a condom? Not only stops pregnancy but many other STD's as well.

    3-- Looks better to be cut.

    So just because "some" people think it looks better does that mean everyone must be cut? If one person likes large breasts does that mean all women need a breast implant? Plus how can a large scar line around the shaft of your penis be attractive? And shouldn't you love the person you are having sex with for who they are and not the shape/size of their penis?

    4-- Stops the male getting phismosis.

    So because "some" men "may" have this issue all men should be cut? Doesn't make sense to me even more so when phismosis can be treated without circumcision. Plus we keep our tonsils and appendix when some people have problems with them.

    5-- He may get picked on at school.

    I never did when a lot of the other guys at school were cut. Why are other guys looking at my penis anyway? Plus I never had a sexual partner say they didn't want to have sex with me because of my foreskin.

    6-- So he looks like dad.

    My step father was circumcised as was my step brother. I never had an issue that mine was different because I knew I was intact and they were not. My mother taught me why mine was not the same as them and I never had an issue with it.

    7-- Its my choice as a parent.

    Is it your right to remove a part of your child's body for any of the above reasons when it does not need to be removed? Why not let the boy make the choice as informed adult what he wants done to his body.

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    depends on the partners and their interest in each other, their love for each other and their attempts to keep their sex life in bloom:).. I would say once a day now because its 3 or 5 more years, and there are those who have it once a week (kids around and so many other reasons), but that could be rare too:). I know of an unfaithful ex-husband (mine) who has sex twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening just to make sure that his wife never suspects and with that kind of sex, she doesn't:). More than 7 years, I think they stop counting because it has become so rare unless they are sexually compatible in bed, and their interest and dynamics never vane:). I was also told by a very embarrassed male (psychology counselling) that he had 6 times in one evening with the same lady because she was new, and that continued while he had a wife who was a paraplegic for several months, but he then became thoroughly impotent:) which is why he came for counselling because his girlfriend gave up when he gave out. Trust this answers your question

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    Some guys do have this problem and sometime a dr has to slightly slit the foreskin to loosen it. I would ask a professional and not ask here. Your dr will have the best advice under your situation, we can't see how tight it is but your dr can take a quick look and tell you your best options for success. Good luck! & hope I helped :)

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    I had that little problem.. If you end up tryin soup in the shower. be careful with the soap you use.. dont wanna dry your skin out.. but i would say take baths and each day, slowly pull the skin back. (but not hard) take it easy. and in a week or 2 it should loosen up or so. if not ASK your dad or if so ask your mum.. dont be shy! they gave it too you!! so don't be worry! =]

    Hope i helped a little


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    Dude you just need to stretch your skin to make it looser. Do a google search for tight foreskin stretching exercises

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    yes its normal because you probably didn't try to pull it back before, just keep trying to pull it back wen your hard, use water to lube it and keep doing it, it will eventualy stretch, i had the same problem and now i don't also be carefull you might have a very sensitive head afterwards but it will pass

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    dude im 15 and circumcised , but in a sex ed leaflet i got from school it says that you can make it more lose when your having a shower by using soap

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    i am 20 and my foreskin still covers my penis i dont think it matters

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