I broke the hinges on my mothers laptop! HELP!?

I dont know how it happened, but the hinges on my mom's compaq laptop snapped ! The screan is still attached, but it will not stand up, its all flimsy and you have to prop it up. Is there any way that this problem could be fixed before the whole screan comes off? Any suggestions on how I or a professional could fix it?

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  • nikkai
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    1 decade ago
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    It is possible to repair that fault you can either send it to a repair shop or you can source the parts for the repair on places like ebay

    If you look and see if it is the hinge or the chassis that has failed then you will have a better idea as to your requirements on spare parts.

    If you need a chassis and get one off ebay (or the like) then you an change the motherboard and items over yourself.

    It is fiddly and time consuming but do able.

    Or get several quotes from places fro repair.

    I would make copies and back ups of ALL your data and files and remove any personal information just as a precaution

  • wokan
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    1 decade ago

    See if anyone's selling a non-functioning version of the same model and transfer the innards to the other case.

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