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How can i pass a urine test for marijuana using someones elses piss the good way.?

I have a urine test in two days and i need to pass, no one will be watching me take a piss so its good, i got my mates urine who is clean but thing is how do i keep the temperature normal? i was told to get a condom and have it pissed it then tie it or tape it sealed shut and keep it in your undies near your balls and it would work? is this true? does any condom work or does it have to be no lube in it? also i need to ask why a condom is it about its sterilizied? apparently the urine cups are? and another thing my mate is going to piss around an hour before the test for me and ill keep it at normal temp woould it work?


how come people passed the test doing this then? come on someone with a true answer

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    Believe the mates who said it would work.

    They can't wait to hear how you poked the condom and the piss balloon burst in your hand.

    It will be EPIC! Headlines for years to come!!!

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    You'd either need an external heat source to keep the urine at body temp. or store it in your butt (no joke, you'd need an orfice and there's no other that's large enough). A few degrees under body temperature and they'll know you cheated since they check it right after you're done.

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    lol going thru extreme measures i see...good luck with that

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    no it would cool even being close to your body

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