Traffic accident involving 3 cars?

My dad was in a car accident a while ago. He was driving on the freeway and saw the car in front of him break out of nowhere. He hit the brakes and managed not to hit the car but then the car in back of him hit him and he was pushed into the car in front of him. My dad being the middle car got the most damage. The front car's rear end was on TOP of my dad's car ( showing that my dad had not smashed into said car.) nd the last car was smashed behind my dad's. SO the car was wrecked and w.e. Cops came nd took down notes and the lady in front claimed she was fine nd left as soon as she could while my father went to the hospital for back pain. This took place in the NY where the speed limit was 50miles and hour. ok so the problem? about a year l8r the stupid *** lady sues my dad nd the 3rd car for negligence and claims the emotional damages. O_o 5 MILLION dollars each... what's ur opinion?


Clearly my dad was not responsible and did not hit the car in front on his own. This was shown by the car in front being on top of the front end of my dad's car instead of having a smashed end. Nd she did leave saying she was fine. =/ grrr.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hire a lawyer. she's probably not going to get any money but you should countersue but definitely get a lawyer.

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    1 decade ago

    he needs an attorney at least to ask for advice

    i hope he has photos of his car and hers she may have a problem because she waited a year

    your dad definitely needs to talk to his car insurance agent first

    i think she does not have a case against your dad but the third car she can sue away if she wants

    her first mistake was saying she was ok at the scene of the accident and leaving

    i am pretty sure your dad has nothing to worry about

  • 4 years ago

    See if there have been any witnesses to the twist of destiny (different than the different 2 drivers interior the autos and the pedestrian). they may be waiting to testify for you. If there have been a protection digicam from shops interior the area, they might have caught the twist of destiny on tape, which would be responsible information on your innocence. in any different case, hire a competent attorney in case you intend on tricky it.

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