what are some signs that a 11 year old guy likes you?

im 12 (almost 13) (on my sisters account) and i really like a 11 year old. plz dont make comments on how hes 2 years younger than me


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    wtf? LOL shouldnt u be into Justin Bieber and ****. LOL Anyways maybe u should cuz u need to wait for his dick to grow. And just like wait for a little while cuz ur friends r gonna snap on u cuz u like a 6th grader n ur a 8th grader. Buuut like if he always talks 2 u and if he like touches u and offers 2 take ur books. trip u<---trust me dude he will try that, etc. just start talkin 2 him and get 2 no him

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    My son is 11 and is not looking at girls like that at all. He knows when they are pretty and has both boys and girls who are his friends but as for dating... Uh no. Not hardly. The thought alone is really creepy regardless if you're only 2 years older, you're interested in hand holding and kissing and trust me, an 11 year old boy is not.

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    Hey.. I'm 15 - almost 16 and i have no experience with boys. That tells you something like.. "you're too young". Truth isn't always what you want to hear, but it has to be heard.

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    he might pull your hair or chase you in the school yard?

    since when did kids start thinking of dating at 11 ? give it a few years

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    1 decade ago

    im not going to rant on how younger he is from you but you two are pretty young to date. give it 3 years. TRUST ME you will be glad you did it.

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    haha you are 12.. trust me love is sickening

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    1 decade ago

    If he lets you play with his weiner, then he likes you!!! give it a try

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