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were can i find a cheap horse tail extension?

My new App has hardly no tail and I would like to get one for showing. I would need a gray/white one which is a lot more expensive and harder to find. Is there any place were I could go to find some under $70? do they make any with snythetic hair that would be cheaper? becuase I could care less if it was real hair or not...I just want it for small open shows


Also ive heard you can dye the extensions succesfully..however this probably wouldnt work in my situation. Ive seen tons of black and sorrel ones used that are going for cheap, but I doubt I would be able to bleach them white?

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    I doubt you're going to find one for 70 bucks, you could ask around and ask it anyone you know has a used one.

    Edit: No, i don't think you'll have an easy time bleaching them white. Best off just leaving the skimpy tail.

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    horse tails, expecially white or grey, are very expensive because it is real horse hair. there is not much luck for one cheaper that $200

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    i buy my extensions online from, they are great quality and a great service! x

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