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2005 BMW X3 DVD Retrofit?

I want to install a new cd/mp3/dvd player into my 2005 bmw x3. I'm going through a revamp of my car and because the cd player has been skipping, this is the next thing on my list. Has anyone ever done their own installation? If so, do you know if there are manufacturers that make car audio devices specific to x3/x5 models?

Additionally, would one like this fit?

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    First things first,

    The stereo install on an 05 x3 is a nightmare, and I would 100% take it to a professional. It might seem easy in theory, but BMW audio systems use the M.O.S.T. data bus structure, which is VERY hard to integrate with.


    You can put pretty much any stereo you would like to in there, but it's going to have to be done by a professional. Nothing is just drop-in and play, it will all take quite a bit of magic to get it up and running correctly.


    The Nitro stereo you linked to is a piece of garbage. If you want something with a screen, expect to pay about $500 to get anything of real quality. Anything less and you're going to be looking for a new screen in another few weeks because the cheap manufacturers don't build their HUs to survive the constant temperature swings and vibrations that cars produce.

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    If you want cars that dont cost a lot to maintain, dont even bother with BMW. I love BMWs, no doubt but if you are trying to keep maintanance low and have a nice car, try an Acura or a Lexus. BMW and Mercedes are SO expensive to maintain from experience...if you HAVE to have a BMW, i would suggest a 3 series or an older model 5 series (like the 2001-2003).

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