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Has anyone switch from xanax or valium to an Over the counter medication?

I recently switched from xanax and valium to ibuprofen pm, which would make a normal person serious drowsy, however for someone like me it relaxes me just enough. I though of unsure of how many is too many to take. Since it is a mild sedative, if i took the rec dosage it would do nothing.

I take 3 or 4 tables up to 4 times per day, so i was juust curious if anyone else is doing this. What are the risks and does anyone know how many tablets would cause you to overodse.

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    Did you even try the rec. dosage? The antihistamine isnt really the problem so much as it is the tylenol. ( bad on the liver at that high a dose) I would try to step down gradually so that you are at the reccommended dosage as soon as possible. It would suck if you ended up not being able to use the pm's for sleep and/or pain because your tolerance is so high. 6 weeks is a normal time period to detox if that helps.

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    "why is that?" It's because the drug has been metabolized out of your system just as all drugs are eventually metabolized. You need to speak to your doctor about the pros and cons of an "extended release" or "sustained release" sleep aid. Are you in an area where you can be seen by a sleep specialist? Most urban areas have MD's specially trained in sleep disorders.

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