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I need some advice on my yugioh deck, any suggestions are welcome!?

Monsters - 22

Caius the shadow monarch X2

Mobius the frost monarch

Gorz the emissary of darkness

The tricky

D.D warrior lady x2

D.D assailant x2

Mystic tomato x3

Shining angel x2

Solar flare dragon x2

Ufo turtle

Dark mimic level 1

Dark mimic level 3

Spear dragon


Kuriboh Spells - 10

Fissure x2

Lightning vortex x2

Enemy controler

card destruction


Heavy storm

Mystical space typhoon

Reinforcement of the army

Traps - 8

Call of the hounted

bottomless trap hole x2

torrential tribute

magic cylinder

scrap iron scarecrow

divine wrath

seven tools of the bandit

Please help, open for any suggestion. thx!

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    Well i give you points for originality, but i suggest you build a more deep and fast strategy, if you wanna use the Solar Flare dragons i suggest you add Limit area B, or cards that prevent their destruction, also with this strategy i suggest you also get a couple of volcanic slicer, that way you deal more damage to your oponent without the need of the Battle phase. In my opinion i don't like the Dark mimic, so i suggest you remove them, but it's your decision, you don't have many light monsters so remove the shining angels.

    If you wanna go on with the effect damage i suggested you, then get the 3 UFO turtles and remove the Mystic Tomatoes, in fact, let's make an Effect Damage remove from play deck.

    i suggest you get a D.D.Reincarnation (i don't remember the full name) it's like a premature burial but for removed from play monsters, remove mobius is not a very good choice of Monarch. Add a smashing Ground too instead of Shrink, i could be a good idea to have the meesanger of peace if the opponent destroys the Level limit of area B

    Remove Seven tools of the bandit and divine wrath and replace them with solemn judgement, and get 2 macro cosmos, remove magic cylinder and the scrap iron scarecrow and get mirror force and 2 dimensional prisions.

    Remove the Enemy Controller and get Dimensional Fissure.

    Well, those are my sugestions, hope you like them.

    PD: sorry for the misspellings

    Source(s): 4 years playing Yugioh
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    Try getting level 4 monsters with 1800 Atack Points+. Such as Gearfried the Iron Knight, Giant Red Sea Snake, Vorse Raider, Slate Warrior, or Gemini Elf because they're ATK. Points are high and you dont need any acrifices 2 summon them and then have Incredibly high mnsters such as Bue eyes white dragon, Dark Magician, Dark magician of black chas or zera the mant.(Any high level monsters.

    For traps: Seven tools of the bandit change it to harpie's feather duster because instead of using the seven tools of the bandit to negate just 1 trap or magic card, harpie's feather duster destroys all the magic and trap cards so they wont get a chance to use it and also have Raegeki.

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    fail martin....harpies feather duster and dark magician of chaos are banned...

    Source(s): knows the banlist
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