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is she still intrested?

me an my ex where together for 8 yrs was she allways behind me. allways pushing for marrage ..i allways postponed due to mysituation. things happened in between we both hurt each other . she called me last oct i met we desided lets put things back and work on our relationship. she came in feb this year .. we resolved everything ..desided we will get married. but there are some issues ..we both want to solve she asked 6 months ..and lets get engaged. i agreed.

then she went back after few weeks she foundout that i went for my friends graduation( friend is a girl who is intrested in me ..and my ex allways saw this friend as a threat ) and broke up with me saying ..i was just ur happy hour you wanted to marry her.

i made my friend call her and clarify but she didnt change her mind ..we still talk. other day i told her that i wanted to get engaged in feb when she came and i even got her a ring from my friend who is a dimond merchant. its 2 carrot flawless pure white princess cut diamond in platinum.

her reaction

" i dont belive you probably making this up it dosent matter anyway ..and besides i hate that you dont remember that i want in yellow gold allways buy me stuff in white gold and dont even know me"

2 days dowm ..she asked for a movie she liked wastalking about it ..and how he likes the actress init and her dresses. i told the designer who designs those dresses is friend of my business partner she can do it for you do you need ?

" i want all of them ..if we ever get married she is the one who designs for me"

then topic came and told that the actress was classmate of the dimaond merchant i talked about..she asked

her: " what happened to my ring?"

me: " told you gave it away in charity you broke up and din want anything to do with me.i will make another one ..this time brilliant cut as you didnt like and in yellow gold"

her: i like square one not round

me: ok princess cut then.

she did say she is seeing someone ..then she says shes not dating him he is good husband type and if i marry anyone frm ppl i know now it will be him ..nowdays she wont talk about him anymore..

she did say there is no hope for us..

she did say few days back i dont see a point why we should meet i moved on

then other day she said i think it will be better for you if you come.

i dont understand ....

i was depressed and tierd ..told i am desiding on joining a monestry ..she asked "you not gonna chnage even if want to marry you ?" i said thats not going to happen ..she didnt say anything.

she is allways mad then says sorry..

she says she hates everything about me how i am allways wrong..

shes been and is rude actually all this days.

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    Hi heart break,

    This is so sad. How have you put up with this for so long? You asked this question because you said you want an answer. I can give it to you, but I don't know whether you'll like me very much.

    This woman is a player. She is looking for money, and that's what is first with her. When you wanted to get her a diamond, she came around. Then, she didn't like the shape. Then she didn't like the setting. If any woman loved you and TRULY loved you, she would be thrilled with any ring your bought her, including a piece of tinfoil!

    This woman is spoiled -- spoiled rotten! Look what she was demanding for her marriage! A special designer for her wardrobe, just like an actress could afford! EVERYTHING has to go her way! She must think she's Cleopatra and you're the emporer with all the gold. I have never heard of a woman who DEMANDED so much from a man she supposedly loved.

    It would not surprise me if she had other men on a rope, just like a string of fish! I think she sees you as Mr. Money, someone she should hang onto just in case something else falls through. That's a terrible thing to do, but some men and women (not all) are that way. Maybe she grew up poor and told herself that she would always have money someday. Or maybe she was raised with money and wants to be sure she'll be kept in the same fashion. I don't know her, but you do.

    My advice would be to find yourself another woman -- a nice woman who loves you more than anyone on earth, who doesn't make demands on you and doesn't care whether the two of you have to eat crackers -- she's still be by your side. Do you see what I mean? There's a huge difference between this girl you've been engaged to and a real woman. A real woman doesn't make demands and doesn't care for anything but her man.

    Are you planning on having children someday? If so, do you want the children to learn how to stomp their feet and make demands on you? Do you want to be buying them designer clothing all their lives because that's what she'll insist on. HER children will have to be the best-dressed children on the block! Anyone else, including me, would be happy with J.C. Penney!

    The most important thing is one I haven't mentioned. Do you really want to be jerked around all your life like a puppet? Or would you like to be thought of as a man? This woman has made a joke of you, and she's the one laughing. She has pulled the strings as tightly as they'll get. You are always, always going to be wrong. She is constantly going to be mad at you. Is that love? She is actually rude to you! What kind of a wife would not respect her husband? We all want to marry someone we respect and someone who respects us. She has no respect for you!

    It's going to take strength from you to call this thing off, but I'm sure you can do it if you set your mind to it. Think about the future. Frankly, I don't see how any man can be happy with this woman because she will always insist on twisting them around her finger. You deserve far better than that. You have been kind, forgiving, trustworthy, and giving -- you've tried to please her in every single thing she has asked. Yet she's still rude! No, my friend, you do not want this for the rest of your life! That's what made me take this question. You. You seem so nice, and she seems so mean. It's simply not fair.

    I wish you the best of luck. You deserve it. Please marry someone else, and invite me to the wedding! I'll bet she'll be a really nice person. I'm sending you a friendly hug, and I'll be thinking about you! :)

    Source(s): Post grad work in psychology
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