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Babysitting through the summer...what should we do?

I'm babysitting a 11 year old (going into grade 6) and a 9 year old (going into grade 4) through the summer three days a week.

The 11 year old is a boy and the 9 year old is a girl.

I'm 16, so i can't drive on my own yet. They live in the city though, so there are some elemetary school playgrounds around.

What should I do to keep them entertained? rainy days?


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    Games! I have an 11 year old daughter and when we she is not outside playing with her little brother we play games. Take a look at the kinds of board games and card games that they have and then take a ride with your parents to Target. They have tons of card games that the kids will love. My favorites are: Phase 10, Skip bo, Farkle, and Blink. All these are either card games or dice games and are easy to learn and lots of fun.

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    At that age they can entertain themselves for the most part. There are some things you can do with them though ..

    If you have a bike, take everyone on a bike ride through some trails

    Have a water balloon fight

    Take them to the park

    Get everyone on the bus and go to some activities that are going on around the city

    Do some baking with them

    Movie days when it's crappy out

    Take them swimming

    If they are into artsy stuff then find some age appropriate art projects

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    Board games, read funny books, Mad Libs. Aso, if there is a Regal Cinema near you, they play free movies over the summer on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings.

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